Meet Danni- On what happened when she didn't "confine" God!

1 Corinthians 10:31 “Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

When Mads asked me to write a post for her I honestly thought "it'll be easy to write things about what God’s been up to in my life" but here I sit dumb found for words on the topic I should know most about....ME? You ask?

Full Name: Danielle Botha
Age: 25
I am one of five children to the worlds most amazing parents.
I have a relationship with my saviour Jesus! 
I'm 1 of 4 leaders who head up a homegroup of 40 young ladies at the YWCA on Monday nights, LOVE those women thoroughly!
I have a degree in and currently practice as an accountant for a firm in pmb (South Africa) where my boss is a pastor and often teaches me so much about being honourable and honest in business in times where corruption is so easy to become a part of.

All in all I love Jesus, people, numbers, sport, serving and ministering.

One of the latest convictions Gods placed on my heart recently has been that of using whatever it is He’s blessed me with to glorify Him! 

Once I got saved 6.5 years ago now I had a good few years where I got extremely involved in the local church here in PMB. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved that time and learnt so much and still actively serve there but I had limited God to the four walls of the church and kind of just forgot about the world out there.

About a year ago however my family decided to take up cycling and I went along to one of their races on a Sunday morning. My first thought being “sheesh I’ll never do this because it would mean me missing way too many church services in a year.” (Yes I was being naïve and judgemental and God was about to teach me a lesson).

At this race I spotted a shirt which read in bold across the front and back: “Cranked for Christ” immediately I felt God say Danni people can bring me glory in every single thing they lay their hand to if they are willing. As I looked around at the people that day I noticed how easily these people all became friends, how sport has this way of connecting people, where you hardly know somebody to basically having them be your best buddy after one extreme downhill/mud puddle together.

I wouldn’t say I immediately rushed out and bought a bike but slowly and surely I found myself taking part in these mtb and multi sport events and eventually God blessed me with an awesome bike and even a close friend who shared my passions in terms of God and cycling miss Kimberly Aldworth.

We have since then done many races and recently left our homegroup at the local church and in faith joined another one which is called “coffee with jesus” the leaders here have taken us under their wing and even stretched us to share too. 

More than that though this place has been easier to invite our fellow (often way fitter) athletes to, as we meet in a cycling store, also I’ve now purchased my own “Cranked for Christ” shirt which I wear proudly in faith hoping it will either spark conversation or challenge another believer like it did for me. 

This last race that we took part in God laid it heavy on my heart to gather the other believers I know and to pray together before we set out, we prayed not only for our bodies and bikes but also for our hearts to be mindful and sensitive to the people around us who don’t know Jesus yet.

It set the tone for the day and as we rode that day I honestly felt God smiling over us. I know God has a lot more to teach me and He probably has way bigger plans for all this than my own mind can sometimes fathom and that’s great, I’ll keep taking it one step at a time trusting Him to come through and be glorified in it all!

It has blown my mind to see how God has used something as simple as a bicycle and a willing 25 year old girls heart to advance His kingdom.

If I can leave you with anything it would be this, don’t confine God to the four walls of your church. 

Your passions are God given and can be used to glorify Him and God wants you to enjoy life whilst you glorify Him, after all what is more magnetic than a person in love with God and living their life to the full. i.e. John 10:10 “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.”


Editors Note: Danni is my angel. While I was lonely and depressed in South Africa she loved me like Jesus and served me despite not knowing me at all and knowing I would leave again in a year. I am so thankful for the  many months I got to spend with her as we grew together in our faith!

A post from the Get Real Series happening every Monday on the ForeverHis blog!

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  1. That is so beautiful. You go Danni. Thank you for the inspiration.


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