Processing. what's next

My life is insane.

Yet I believe I am right where I'm suppose to be. 

I don't know "why" but when does the Lord fully tell us his complex amazing plans?

I am in the middle of planning a wedding, taking 3 classes at the University of Waterloo and working as a server. Along with seeing friends, my fiancé and family my days are extremely full.

A couple of weeks ago I was approached with the opportunity of serving at Conestoga Bible Camp this summer. If you read my above sentence my life doesn't really allow time for this- but I am so thankful that God has my life all in the palm of his hands and He can see it all. There has been miracles (yes they do happen still!!!) after miracles seeing the Lord move in my life to allow me to counsel this summer.

So yes, I am now living up at camp this summer while finishing classes and working as a server 3 days a week. So yes, I am working seven days a week!

Overwhelmed is the best way to describe what I'm feeling until I went up to camp this past week for training. The bible talks about peace beyond all understanding- a peace that can only come through God and not from this world. If you've read any of my blogs while I lived in Africa for a year you would know that I constantly felt this super natural peace from God. I haven't felt this peace since Africa (about a year ago) and being up at camp last week God gave me such a peace. I know this is His will and I am so excited to see how He is going to change me this summer.

That doesn't mean that the overwhelming feeling goes away all the time but I have a peace that makes me feel so secure in not knowing what  God is doing - but learning to trust that His will is better than my wildest dreams.

So this blog will probably take a mini vacation with the summer depending when I can post the blog. The "Get Real" Series that is happening every Monday is also going to take a break during the summer as I don't have a lot of time or internet access.
The Pastoral Team this summer! 
Please Pray.

Pray for me. I need it so bad! So so so bad. I realize I am nothing without Christ and realize that I don't have anything to offer these counsellors unless I am connected to Christ. I want to do everything through His Spirit- everything. So please pray for me!  (I know I will screw up lots still but my heart remains the same)

Prayer Works. 

I can see it each and every day. Pray for energy as I'll be driving back and forth from camp to university and pray that I would love like Jesus. I just wanna love like He does!

Love all your support!

A girl trying to find her place in this world,

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