Fall Update!

I’ve been itching to blog for the past ten weeks. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been itching to write. Write everything down. When I was young I learnt that I processed life by writing. My mom told me not to write everything down incase someone would read it- not that a nine year old had anything important to say but I couldn’t stop. Writing helps me think. It helps me make sense of stuff. When I write my sin hits me in my face and my attitude usually changes. Writing brings me clarity. It makes me thankful. This summer I’ve written, but not a lot.

I know I’m not a very gifted writer (have you noticed how many spelling and grammatical errors are on this blog??) – but my eyes were opened in high school about how many “fake” people there are. People who put on an act/face/role you name it- it frustrated me that people couldn’t be real with each other anymore and I wanted that to change. I knew the Lord asked for honesty- He sees everything anyways so why would I dare try to fake anything for the Lord? I started a blog to keep track of my thoughts while in Africa but through writing I became less fake.

My hope and prayer of this blog isn’t to be grammatical or get a lot of pageviews every time I post- my prayer is that through this blog you will see Jesus. You will see how He loves you so deeply.

I decided I would keep writing this fall, for myself, because I love to write. I will post weekly with every intention of writing more. I will write what God is teaching me, what others have been teaching me and I hope to get more guest bloggers to write what God is teaching them. I hope this can be a space for you to come to be inspired.

I am going to be real and honest. I find it incredibly refreshing when I meet people who are real and I long to be real in an extremely fake world. Thank you for continuing to read this blog despite my “leave of blogging” during the summer. It means a lot to me! I’ll make sure to reflect in a blog about my summer at camp. God taught me so much but for now I will tell you to check back soon for a blog post.

Hope you’re having an amazing day.

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