The bible is not the same as my textbook

It's always this time of year.

I attend university and receive my syllabus for all my classes. Because I am an organized freak I immediately write all my major tests and assignments down on not one but two calendars and then proceed to make weekly lists writing down all the readings etc that needs to get done. Many mornings I also create a daily schedule to make sure I stay on task with everything.

This term is my last term (fingers crossed everything works out) of university and I want to do really well. I have two textbooks for each class (approx.) that must get read. 

In this time of the year I struggle with throwing my bible into my pile of textbooks and only reading my bible in the time slot I've allowed that day and reading it with a perspective of a textbook. When I fall into this mentality the bible can sometimes become dull to me- and I loose that belief that it is my daily bread and my lifeline. 

Often, when I make time to read the bible I am thinking about all the other "required readings" I need to do for school and I can't fully read the word like I want to - like I intend too. It's such a struggle but one that I know I need to continue to wrestle with because my spiritual food for the day is way more important than actual food or getting a good grade in a class.

I worked at a camp this summer and we tried to teach the teens that you can't look at the bible as a textbook but as a love letter. As something that God wants you to understand to build your foundation on and not something I can check off my list of things to in my day.

I'm praying for a new discipline to read the bible not because I have to but because I want too. I love the bible and love reading it however this time of the year can get tough.

What distracts you from reading the bible? Have you ever looked at it like a textbook or just made it a thing to check off your list?


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