Today is enough.

Life is busy.

I keep telling myself: "Maddie, in December you will have a home, a husband, a degree, a once in a lifetime vacation and the chance to see my South Africa parents."

I am so excited for December to happen (not the exams!) but today is September 24 and I need to constantly remind myself that it is not December. That God has something for me today. Even though I am busy with school and countless other things I must remember to be present. To need God today, in this moment and not focus on the "whats to come."

It's exciting to look forward to December, I know there is nothing wrong in that but I need to keep my focus on Christ, the author and perfecter of my faith.

I am learning to need God each day more than I did before. I am asking him to show me that His word is my daily bread which I need to get through each day. I've been reading Galatians this past week and just love Galatians 5:16: "But I say, walk in the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh." This common sometimes over quoted scripture has struck me once more in a fresh way. How many mornings have I missed giving my day over the Lord? How many times during my day have I been so focused on the future that I forget to walk in the Spirit? 

I want to be used by Jesus today. I want to see, learn and experience all the awesome and difficult lessons He has for me today as I learn what it means to walk in the Spirit. I want to be present today. Today is enough.

What are you focused on this week? Maybe it it something that happened in the past that you have been dwelling on or you're like me- focusing on the future of unknowns.

I pray you will have a renewed focus to walk in the Spirit and need God today. He has something for you!


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