November already?

As I get older (I'm not that old) time seems to go by faster and faster. Although it seems like forever until Mark and I will get hitched in less then 7 weeks everything about these past few months has gone by so fast. I was trying to reflect on everything that happened in October and it all just seems like a blur! Where did this semester go anyways? In three weeks I will be done classes forever (let's hope!) and be looking for a full time job!

Then on December 17 my dearly loved host parents fly in from South Africa and my sister and brother in law come up from Virginia on the 21st! Christmas and a wedding then honeymooning in Domincan Republic and before I blink again I will be writing blog posts in our new apartment in downtown Elmira.

Breathe. haha.

Lots of assignments and exams are in the way of all this happiness and fun but as I type this the word that plays through my mind every day is blessed.

I am so blessed. Blessed to be receiving an education…pray I pass! and blessed to be living in a country where I can write on a blog that I love Jesus and every good thing and good blessing comes from Him alone.

In church yesterday my pastor preached about so many Christians who are in jail, being tortured and risking their lives for the gospel. I couldn't even relate to what my fellow brothers and sisters are currently facing. My heart was heavy as I thought about families being torn apart and humans being tortured because they believe in Jesus.

It was a good reminder about how seriously I take my faith. Would I still be open about God's love and forgiveness if I knew I could die for my faith in Jesus?

It also reminded me that I need to be more open about my love for Jesus and more bold to preach his name. He is the only one that saves and I was reminded that I need to do a better job of being Jesus in the way I act around others and what I say.

I am so blessed to live in a country where I can practice Christianity and talk about God. I am blessed but also given responsibility to preach and share the good news.

Despite how fast time flies by my priorities need to stay in check. I am to be a light in this dark world and I want my life to glorify God in everything I do.

Is this a busy season in your life? How are your priorities and focus staying on Christ?

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