Football & Jesus

I met Mark. Then I fell in love with Mark. Mark loves football and after some convincing and sitting in front of the TV learning the game I love football too. A lot. A lot more than any girl I've met  (because I live in Canada) and I am now passionate about football. Especially the Seahawks which are my favourite team.

So basically, I've fallen in "love" with American football (make sure you note the emphasis on American, not Canadian). Not only is it extremely physically demanding but I have appreciated the mental aspect as well. Knowing exactly where you have to be on each play, knowing what route to run, studying the opposition to know their weakness and creating plays to capitalize on it- all of this excites me. I love watching the coaches and listening to the pep talks on the side of the field. 

So where does Jesus come into all of this? 

I've said this many times before on foreverhisblog but it's worth repeating. God is not distant. He isn't hanging out in heaven completely uninvolved in our lives. He's here, right here and I believe God speaks into our current situation. He speaks in a language and shows up in a way you and I will understand. Because of my passion for football, Jesus got a message clear to me by using football as his metaphor.

God asked me to view my life with Him through a football team. You have the starters that everyone knows who have a lot of pressure but a lot of reward because they are on the field, actually playing. Then you have the back-ups who are on the team and practice with the team but don't play. Then you have spectators who know a lot and have a lot of head knowledge about football but aren't athletic enough and would never get a chance to actually play football at the National level. 

In my mini football example, you have Christ's followers who are on the field. They are playing the game and sweating, feeling the pressure, getting hit but they are playing. They are the ones on the field who are doing the work, and winning the games.
Then you have the "church goers" who participate in what Christ is doing when it's convenient for them. They made the team and are on the team but are relaxed and often ask "what's in it for me." They stand on the sidelines and watch Christians go and make disciples but often never do it themselves.
Last, you have the huge section of spectators who watch the game. They have their own opinions and aren't afraid to share them, they look at the game from a birds eye view and critique everything and anything, sometimes cheering the players on, sometimes calling them the worst players ever. They aren't football players (Christians) but they sure have something to say about them.

I so desperately want to be the one playing. I want to be a follower of Christ who is all in. I want to be on the front lines for Christ, sometimes tired getting hit and pushed down but knowing that at any moment I can "score a touchdown" and bring so much glory and honour to God. I know I am far from perfect but when God and I were talking metaphorically about football it made so much sense to me. God doesn't want me on the sidelines, He wants all his followers on the field, making disciples and worshipping Him.

Whether you hate football or not, take some time to think about where you stand with Christ? Are you on the front lines for Christ, on the team but standing on the sidelines or never made that commitment to be on Christ's team with your opinions about Christians?

I pray that I would be on the front lines for Jesus- that I will be willing to go anywhere He calls me. This football metaphor has made so much sense to me and I am so thankful Jesus speaks in a way I understand. I pray He speaks to you today in a way you will get it too!

Happy December:)


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