Happy 1 Month - Honneymoon Pictures

At the Hockley household we LOVE reasons to celebrate or have "treats" [mostly me]… so we couldn't resist celebrating our completion of 1 month of marriage!!!!!

To celebrate on the blog I thought I would post some of our favourite pictures from our honeymoon… and we treated ourselves to the Mandarin for lunch too!! Marriage is awesome and we are so in love after one month. It's the greatest doing life with my best friend.

Hope you feel warm looking at our beautiful Punta Cana pictures!!

we would take long walks on the beach every day [insert romantic sigh here]

true relaxation. my view each day

our private honeymoon dinner

we are spoiled. private 5 course dinner for 2.

today was windy. too windy to be on the beach.

it was King's day at our resort. i'm making Mark pose

main lobby bar that we never used…pretty though

such a fun cook who made us divine stir fry

i adore tea

our late night beach walk

the boat that took us parasailing 

walkway from our room to get to the beach

Mark loving his dinner… 

our lobby in the evening 

steak restaurant decor- makes me feel like Taylor Swift Love's Story's video


ordered in room service so we could stream World Jr's

Thought it was the coolest that our door said "honeymooners"

dinner with my handsome husband

just your average selfie

we dressed up for every dinner.. we had too but we didn't complain!

2013 you were so good to us

looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2014!

making Mark pose…what's new

Happy New Year Fireworks… they went on forever stunning.

our resort is stunning


dressing up for New Years party

totally relaxed

loving the 28 degree weather

another stunning walkway

maybe too many selflies?? 


our room

the best slippers


our living room

Mark was able to order whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.. pure bliss

beds on the beach- OK!

windy late night walk- we are just so happy in this pic!

evening stroll

part of the lobby

cool new year sign

poolside bar… where we ordered slushies instead
Hope you're having a great week!


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