I've used this word "new" so much this January that I'm almost getting sick of it. 

new beginnings
new marriage
new job
new home
new commitments 
new responsibilities (cleaning our apartment yikes!)

& the list could continue

It has been so much fun coming back from our honeymoon, moving in to our apartment and creating a space we both love. [Sidenote: I have already taken some pictures in hope to show you our new apartment in a future post!] 

Marriage has been awesome and I am loving doing life with my best friend. I started a new job in January working as an administrator for a camp that I just adore. It's a dream job and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve God at camp again. 

With all the "new" in my life it's been hard to find something constant at times. We don't have a dishwasher so I tend to feel our apartment is always messy and there is always something I should be doing. Working from home is also tough because I can always see the mess rather than leaving the house and forgetting about it. 

God's been faithful in reminding me that He is THE constant in my life no matter what season I'm going through. When I get overwhelmed at the thought of cooking (legit, spent an afternoon reading all the cookbooks we received and feeling so lost!) or trying to be a "good wife" God is the exact same, yesterday today and forever - Hebrews 13:8

No matter what I'm feeling or what my life circumstances look like God's character remains the same. I love being able to rest in the fact. 

What season of life are you going through? Has it been a rough start to 2014 or are you saying new more than I am? Where ever you're at remember that the God of the universe has not changed and wants to be apart of whatever season you're going through. He is the best encourager and the ultimate being to comfort you.



Since I'm old school I still make resolutions and wanted to share them with you! First, so that I don't loose this little piece of paper and second, I am excited reflect on this post in December to see what we've learnt and where God's taken us. Mark and I wrote these on our balcony in Punta Cana in 27 degree weather!! 

1. Read the bible together
2. Blog more
3. Mail out notes of encouragement to people
4. Find "our" ministry
5. Grow our [God's - you know what we mean] bible study
6. Go to Zumba (def. only my goal! haha)
7. Learn how to skate
8. Survive marriage
9. Have our parents over for dinner often
10. Learn to trust God more regarding our jobs
11. Keep an eternal perspective
12. Do better at loving those that are forgotten by society
13. Increase our prayer life for our unsaved friends

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