Oh Facebook

I decided at the beginning of November to take a break from Facebook.

My life was getting extremely busy and I was spending at least an hour a day (usually waiting for something/something on my phone) on Facebook. Facebook is so great and can bring so many people together but it can also separate people too. I was starting to feel separated.

Separated from people because I didn't feel good enough, pretty enough, had a "Facebook worthy life to post about."

God's really been teaching me about contentment and being thankful for what I have, not secretly wishing I had everyone else's "Facebook life."

To be honest I never thought I would last. I was addicted.

Turns out I loved it. It was so refreshing to not know what everyone else was doing all the time and knowing that people who really cared about me texted/called me and that was more than enough.

Its now mid-January and I reactivated my Facebook however I have such a new perspective. God's done such a work in my heart and although a part of me will still compare I know I've been released from trying to have it all together. All of us aren't perfect, nor do we live perfect lives and thats okay with me.

Practically I was using Marks' Facebook too much to send messages so its better I just have it now but looking forward to spending less time on it too.

Here's a really great article you should read talking about why people post. I can honestly read this article and say I'm not posting because of those reasons:


Thankful for time away from Facebook to gain perspective and spend time doing things other than looking at my news feed.

Hope you've been able to spend your time on the important stuff in life


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