Reminding me what i'm passionate about - Short Term 12

When we were on our honeymoon and i got sick we were googling "best 2013 movies to watch" and the movie Short Term 12 came up. We both had never heard of it but watching the trailer i knew this could potentially be one of my favourite movies. it hadn't come out yet so i've been patiently waiting to watch it.

the quick summary: this movie is about at risk youth who live in a foster home. Grace (the main character) and her boyfriend Mason, work at this foster home and the movie showcases their lives.

Watching it brought up so many emotions. One, i know working with "at risk children" (however we label them today) is what i was meant to do. i don't know how this plays out in the real world or in any career i may get into but i adore it and know its my calling. Watching this movie, i loved each teenager at the foster home and just wish i had Grace's and Masons job. this is def. a dream job.

it also brought me back. i feel awkward crying and don't normally cry but i was a mess in this movie. Grace basically is a mom to these kids and it reminded me so much of my time in South Africa mothering 18 "at risk children." This movie brought me back to all the memories of extra long hugs, and breakthrough moments but also reminded me how tough life is for so many.

i know God's given me this heart and this passion and i'm so wishing i could see how it will all play out. right now i'm going to trust in Him for direction on 'what's next' in my totally undecided life and pray that somehow i can be Jesus with people society so often forgets. i want to love the unloved so bad and this movie has ignited that passion even deeper

i highly recommend watching this movie. it is definately one of my favourite movies along with freedom writers, coach carter and the blind side.. get the trend?

here is the trailer!

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