Blog Update

you know those things you always want to do but never get around to it… updating this blog has been one of those!

however "update blog" has been on my to-do list for over four months now so i'm finally changing it!

aka my blog doesn't normally look like this and it will be updated within a few days so check back for an exciting re vamp!

 i am actually so excited for foreverhis to get a face-lift!!!

hope your having a wonderful day and check this blog out again if it's your first time!


Tired of Being Ordinary

this month i've reflected a lot on who i am, where i'm going and the woman i want to be. it's been a refreshing month as my work has finally picked up and i've been busier.

my main conclusion from all this over-thinking [i think way too much but feel i got somewhere this time ahha!] is that i don't want to be ordinary. i don't want to live an ordinary life. 

if i truly believe i have the Holy Spirit living in me, i am anything but ordinary. i have the power that raised Jesus from the dead living inside of me, even as a type this. i've had this knowledge for a long time but i want to get better at practising complete surrender to let the Holy Spirit totally rule and reign in my life.

Jesus is so beyond this world and i so desperately want to get better at living a life that isn't explainable. i want people to look at me and only see Jesus. i don't want my life, my marriage, the way i treat people to be ordinary. i want to serve people with a love that could never come from me, i want to serve Mark in a way that society would never understand. i want to see people how Jesus sees them. O Lord, would you give me a glimpse of how you see this broken and hurting world.

this revelation isn't new in my life, but perhaps has come to the forefront of my heart because i honestly believe Jesus has way more for my life than ordinary and explainable. 

i am going to live forever in eternity with Jesus but for now on this earth i have work to do for the glory of God. i don't want to be satisfied with going through the motions of each day. i want to live each day surrendering my life to Jesus so He can preform miracles through me and around me.

you were created for so much more than ordinary. 

can you relate? have you ever felt ordinary like me and knew you were made to do more, be more, serve more?

my friend, Jesus wants to give you a life with purpose, with meaning. He created and designed you to be anything but ordinary. I hope you'll think about giving Him a chance in your life.

i know God has plans for my life beyond my wildest dreams - and trust me, this girl can dream big dreams. i want live an extraordinary life for Jesus that doesn't make sense with worldly logic.

would love to know if you've ever felt this way or have any help of how to practically live this out!

Pray you'll be blessed today.


a few of my favourite things

happy monday!

i am an avid blog reader and so many blogs that i follow do a "favourite things" post so i thought this past week i would challenge myself and try one.

here are some things i loved this past week!

this blog. i read it everyday faithfully. Elise and Emma are two sisters who are just so creative and fun.  [this blog inspired this post]

this album that is released today. been playing on repeat.

as i do countless hours of paper work for camp i have been listening to tons of sermons. really enjoyed this one by Pastor Steven from Elevation Church. listen here now: http://elevationchurch.org/sermons/crash-the-chatterbox

missing my stunning sister as she left me this week to head back to bible college

after an eleven hour work day Mark and i drove to Waterloo for some much needed marble slab. ps. marble slab now has unlimited mixins- unreal!!!!!!

 new essie nail polish that i am lovin

 finally getting some of our wedding pictures printed in our home. i am really enjoying decorating and love these three pictures

hope you are surviving this cold weather! can't wait for spring. have a blessed week!

Mads - xo



"bring back my passion for what you, Jesus are so passionate about"
- Beth Moore

been so challenged by this quote all week and have been saying it out loud to myself multiple times a day.

Jesus is passionate about bringing people back to him. Jesus is passionate about saving souls and rescuing  people from their sin.

this week i've been consciously [trying to] re arranging my life and priorities to get passionate about making disciples. i so want the Holy Spirit to use me to bring souls back to Him. i want to be used for the kingdom.

i only have one life to live and i don't want it to be explainable or ordinary. i want it to be filled with miracles and things that can only come from Jesus. O Jesus, make me so passionate for what you are passionate about. align my heart with yours

i want to increase my passion for Jesus.


Continually Devoting

Having been a Christian for basically my entire life the whole "Christian lifestyle" of reading your bible and praying every night can start to become a routine. These past two weeks I've been so busy and my alone time with Jesus has felt more like a routine and something I know I need to do.

Last week I had insomnia and after two hours of tossing and turning I cleaned the kitchen and read a few chapters of Acts. Although I don't remember a lot I love in Acts 2 Luke writes: "they [people who became Christ followers] were continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." (Acts 2:42)

I was reading a bit of Acts this morning and came across this passage once more. I quickly underlined continually devoting in my bible. I want that to be me. If someone was writing my faith journey I'd want them to pen "Madeline is continually devoting herself to the apostles teaching [New Testament today] and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."

This week I'm going to make a conscious effort to devout myself more to these things in Acts 2.

I know this will break that small rut of just doing the Christian thing in my busy life.

Hope you are having a good start to your week!


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