Doing Something New

our beautiful new plants in our window seal! so much fun.
since graduating in December i landed my first contracted job working from home doing administration work. it's been a great job and i am so grateful to be working from home.. but every job has its pros and cons. i'm very extraverted and spending all day at home sometimes drives me crazy. i crave people and daily interaction. i loved the business of university life and this season i'm living in now is slow. my jobs come when they come and often i'm left alone with my thoughts - & trust me that's always a scary place to be… just ask my husband!
i wasn't sure to label this emotion lonely but i think that's what i'm dealing with. since i've been struggling to keep busy and my type A personality thrives off of work i've been very discouraged. now that the weather is nicer i am hoping the loneliness goes away. i've been taking walks and trying to get outside- and even got the market yesterday! hurray!
we'll go anywhere for you Lord. Dreaming big
i've accepted that this is the season i'm in and i know God is teaching me so much through these lonely days. but i have admit i am excited and dreaming God dreams for the fall. Mark and i will both be unemployed and we are just excited what God is going to do with our lives!
i know this isn't Isaiah but its a pic i took while going through the SixtySixin60 reading plan!
my Pastor preached from Isaiah 43 last week and we studied one of my favourite verses. "Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past. Behold I will do something new" (Isaiah 43:18)

through this lonely week my hope is fixed on this verse. i know God is doing something new. i am excited for the new that will take place in a few months.

happy friday!! hope you have such a great weekend:)

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