fresh start. fresh blog. hey SPRING

honestly how much did you love Monday and Tuesdays weather?? i hate cleaning and was actually in the mood to wash our cupboards and floors with the windows wide open. our apartment finally got some fresh air in it (although i had to wear a sweater and vest to keep warm after a while)

i'm so stoked for capris, wedges and rain coats but spring reminds me of all things new and fresh. i'm a person who loves change and there is something about spring that makes me long for change and a fresh start or perspective.
i absolutely love this blog and love where foreverhis has taken me. i started this blog because i love to journal and wanted a record of my thoughts online. i didn't even know about readers. in less than a month i found out i was headed to South Africa so it only made sense to continue blogging to update family and friends. i struggled blogging when i came home because i felt i didn't have anything to say… i had readers from Africa but now i was boring old student with nothing exciting happening in my life. this past year i've realize that i love blogging whether people read it or not because i love to write. my hope is to have a record of my thoughts and to encourage you in your day. blogging is my hobby and i really love it. 

although i don't blog all the time i love foreverhis and hope you have enjoyed your time here as well. so since its spring and i love change i decided to give foreverhis a makeover! however, this change has been a long time coming. i've been researching blog templates since November. i didn't think i should spend the money on a template since my blog doesn't create a revenue. after much convincing my supportive husband told me just to do it - and since its starting to feel like spring a new change is just what foreverhis needed (and me).

i'm so excited to show you my simple whitespace template that i purchased from envye. i just love the simplicity of it all and hope you do too.

you can check out her work here. http://envye.com  this was my runner up template. so cute too!

really hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring and this new template. i am so excited to keep blogging and so blessed that you're a reader!!

ps. if you do love this blog feel free to share it around with your friends...just saying:)


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