so i've decided to finally do this….and i've decided to post it on social media to hold me accountable…so i hope.

i've never read through the entire bible but boy do i have a desire too. the more i learn about the character of God the more desperate i am to read my bible. i literally feel like i know nothing sometimes and am so unqualified. i love spending time in God's holy word to get me equipped for the day.

so i've decided to follow a daily bible reading plan to keep on me on track to read the bible cover to cover… its called SixtySixin60. Yes, you're right, i am attempting to read the bible in sixty days. 

its a lot of reading but something that i want to do and i'm so excited to say i've started and its been going great! i'm on day 4 and already halfway through Exodus.

if you see me/have my cell number please check in with me to see how i'm doing. i would love the encouragement.

& if this is something you've been thinking about doing, or want to see what the bible has to say even though you don't believe in it- this is a great chance. would love to have you do this with me.

ps. it takes me just under 2 hours to read each day and i'm a super slow reader
here is the 60 day plan

you can follow SixtySixin60 on instagram, twitter and this blog http://sixtysixin60.wordpress.com - the blog has the sixty day reading plan, 120 and one year plans. check them out for sure. 

hope you're having a great weekend!!

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  1. This is a great idea... I'm going to try to do this as well :-)


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