Future Plans

 i've opened this page countless times over the last week. i have so many thoughts and things i'm learning but it all feels so overwhelming to write about. even journaling has been tough trying to figure out whats going on in my head and writing/typing it out.

i found this quote via pinterest yesterday and i think it perfectly sums my last few weeks. in this season i've done a lot of trying to figure out my life and what i'm suppose to be doing. i've been planning for the future and often times in my head i try to picture or figure out how its all suppose to look. i totally am trusting God with my future but i know my brain wanders and sometimes i can get these unrealistic pictures in my head.

it's scary not knowing where your headed in life, but its been such an exciting thrilling process at the same time. mark and i are learning to just pray allowing God to rule and reign in our lives…wherever He calls us. i honestly just want what God wants and will go/do anything He wants us too -but saying it and living it out daily can be very different.

this week i've been praying that i won't "play the role of God" and create future scenarios of what my life could/should look like. that i would learn to trust God more with my future and learn how to practically live it out better. it's so amazing to serve a God who is already there, who knows my future and will never leave my side.

hope you're having a great week!


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