Moses and Pennsylvania

the past eight weeks have been a complete blur with working two jobs. it's been hard to find a moment to breathe.

a few weeks ago my in-laws (who i adore) wanted to take the family to Pennsylvania to see Moses at the Sight and Sound theatre.

to keep this blog post short - it was so amazing. the Sight and Sound theatre is an amazing show with three sided stage and real animals…although i wasn't so impressed when they had a rat running around the stage. we were the fourth row so i was a tad bit nervous.

even with the unbelievable sets, real animals and actors my take away from watching Moses was realizing how faithful God is. God has never changed and will never change. it's a sunday school answer i've known for so long but this 'known knowledge' rocks my world more and more often as i get older.

think about the implications it has on one's life when one know's God is faithful to keep His word and that He doesn't change ever. watching Moses reminded me of this promise. watching Moses in a live theatre allowed me to put myself in a biblical story and remember that God goes before us… always.

the weekend away was so nice spending time with family, taking a break from work and resting in God's faithfulness.

here are a few more pictures of our beautiful cottage we stayed in and a cave we decided to visit on the way home!

on Tuesday, two hundred campers come flying off the buses and summer is full blast. i honestly couldn't be more excited because i know God is before us and He will be faithful to His Holy and perfect will.



i've had a bunch of real conversation this past week [ you know, the ones that go deeper then the weather and what you're doing tonight ] about life's hardships.

main conclusion that we can all agree on is that life is hard. it's not easy. relationships crumble. debt happens. people get sick. people pass away. car accidents happen. natural disasters occur. & you can feel free to just insert the hardship you're going through right now into this sentence.

another conclusion i hope we can also agree on is that life is unpredictable. we just don't know when these hardships will come and can never fully prepare ourselves for them when they do come.

here's where the roads split

you can either go through these hardships with your hope in God or you can do it alone.

no where in the bible does it ever say that hardships and suffering won't happen… or that when you're a Christ follower your life will be easy and pain free. the bible actually says the opposite.

your life is going to have unpredictable hardships no matter what but the choice you get to make is whether you go through life alone or trusting in God who knows the past, present and future.

God gives hope through the hard times (Psalm 62:5)

God promises to never leave us through the hard times (Deuteronomy 31:6)

God promises to work the hardships into good for His glory (Romans 8:28)

God promises to carry you every step of the way when the hard time comes (Matthew 11:30)

God promises that He will come again and create a new earth where there will be no hardships (Revelation 21:4)

what hope someone can have when they go through the hardships with God

& the world?

the world leaves you alone and empty with no hope and no certainty.

i challenge you to choose to walk through life with the one who knows the future and will never leave you. i challenge you to walk through life with the one who adores you and will keep you in the palm of his almighty hand.

how will you walk through life's hardships?

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