What fills you?

one known fact about working at a camp all summer is that your alone time is next to nothing. there is always something going on, something i could be doing and somewhere to be. it's been a steep learning curve forcing myself to spend time in my room and realizing that without that alone time i can't do my job in the evenings properly.  

 a Godly man who i admire greatly gave me some advice in passing and asked me what filled my personal tank. the conversation lasted only a few minutes however this simple question has stayed with me for over three weeks. i keep jotting down on sticky notes ideas of what fills me and what drains me. because i'm a compulsive list maker i want to know my "top five things" however i keep re writing and jotting new and different ideas down. 

his main point was getting me to consciously realize what fills me to know what i need to be doing in my "down time." this question has been so valuable for me to spend time on that i believe it's worth sharing with you. 

i encourage you to jot things down that make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated and things that physically and emotionally drain you. & if you think making lists are stupid then i challenge you to just think about it.

i'm learning that taking time "to be filled" equips me to work harder and better for Jesus Christ.


Missionaries for the Summer

mark and i met at conestoga bible camp. we fell in love at this camp. we've both grown so much in our walks with God at CBC. we took our engagement pictures at this camp. mark has spent nine years working for camp. aka - we adore CBC and it has shaped our lives tremendously. 

in january, after graduating university i got hired to work for CBC to do their admin work. it's been a challenging six months trying to figure out how to run a camp with zero direction or help but i'm thankful for the learning process.

this summer, mark and i have taken a different role. we are serving on the pastoral team for camp. it's a dream job. basically the job description is to "counsel the counsellors." i don't have campers but my job is to be a support person for the counsellors who have campers. mark and i get to hang out with 70 high school aged students.

its amazing and we are loving it so far. God is so good and i know He has gone before us. i am so excited to be apart of what God is doing at CBC this summer.

the amazing group of counsellors

with all the excitement it is still a draining, work all the time type job. would you pray for us? it would mean the world to know you're praying for camp. would you pray that children get saved, counsellors get discipled and go deeper in their faith and the camp program runs smoothly. 

i am so thankful God has called mark and i up to camp this summer. this is our mission field and we are so blessed. hopefully i'll have some times to post updates this summer to keep you in the loop! 

thanks for letting me share my life update and praying for us as we head into a demanding, crazy, God-filled summer!!

Lord, would you be glorified in everything.

ps. Colleen took these pictures for us at camp. Her company is called Final Frame Photos- check her out on Facebook here: final frame photos

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