What fills you?

one known fact about working at a camp all summer is that your alone time is next to nothing. there is always something going on, something i could be doing and somewhere to be. it's been a steep learning curve forcing myself to spend time in my room and realizing that without that alone time i can't do my job in the evenings properly.  

 a Godly man who i admire greatly gave me some advice in passing and asked me what filled my personal tank. the conversation lasted only a few minutes however this simple question has stayed with me for over three weeks. i keep jotting down on sticky notes ideas of what fills me and what drains me. because i'm a compulsive list maker i want to know my "top five things" however i keep re writing and jotting new and different ideas down. 

his main point was getting me to consciously realize what fills me to know what i need to be doing in my "down time." this question has been so valuable for me to spend time on that i believe it's worth sharing with you. 

i encourage you to jot things down that make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated and things that physically and emotionally drain you. & if you think making lists are stupid then i challenge you to just think about it.

i'm learning that taking time "to be filled" equips me to work harder and better for Jesus Christ.

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