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i'm so excited to type out this blog post. since the winter we've been dreaming, planning and preparing to see if this was the next step God wanted to us to take. we've spent countless hours praying to see if this is our next season and we are so thrilled to have some confirmation for what September holds.

so what the heck are we doing?

mark and i are both employed as of September to work for Emmanuel Missionary church in Elmira (this is our home church!) we both have such a passion for ministry and have known that from the moment we started dating however we never thought in our wildest dreams that God would place this in front of us so soon. we are overwhelmed with how good God is to us. 

i graduated university last december and mark graduated in april. before i graduated in december we both had been hired to work for Conestoga Bible Camp. my contract starting in january running through till august and mark's may-august. camp has been an unreal (like it is every year) and we can both confidently say that it's one of our favourite places on this earth. the intentional community that is constantly being developed is incredible and the urgency to share the gospel is refreshing. we are loving are summer but knew the summer would end and we would need some employment.

God had made it clear to me early on in the winter that big things were in store for us as a couple. mark and i had fun dreaming about what September would hold. i was hoping to maybe teach abroad and travel for the next few years of our marriage so i automatically assumed that is what God was planning. 

i love how God works and how He has His own plans for our lives that are so much better than anything i could dream of. and honestly, working for the church is better than any teach abroad program.  we love Elmira and this community and are excited to be serving in such an awesome town.

mark and i will be working as student ministry directors overseeing grade six- grade twelve. i get to do some general administration work for the church too which i'm really excited about. i love that i get to work alongside my husband for the next few years. it really is the greatest!!!! (i totally want to add some more exclamation marks but i'll refrain)

we aren't really sure what the fall will look like having such a small youth group but we know God is going before us and leading us. we love the youth age and really are passionate about meeting these teenagers where they are at. with my story, all i wanted in high school is for someone to be real with me and just love me. i am excited that "my job" will allow me to be there for youth. camp has given us a lot of experience working with teenagers and its been another awesome summer preparing us for the fall. 

we would love your prayers as we enter into a new job! pray for wisdom, discernment and a deeper passion for the youth and people living in Elmira. 

i can't stress how excited we are for the fall! if you're reading this and are of youth age, we would love for you to come out to some events in the fall and hang out with us! We are in the process of making a website/doing all the social media things so that will come soon… for now keep checking this blog and i'll post direct links once we get that all set-up.

if you are looking for a church, Emmanuel Missionary is awesome and we would love to have you attend! i appreciate the intentional community our church brings and the biblical teaching that happens each and every week. if you're questioning God, Emmanuel is a good place to listen to the sermons each week and just see if God is legit and someone that you can follow with your life. 

if you want to check out more info on the church will be working for/ want to come to a service click here. thank you so much for your support in our lives and for reading this post!

lots of love,


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