Tour of our first home


life is pretty hectic for us Hockley's as we finish camp, head to Florida, start a new job and move - lets just say September will be busy.

i would have never imagined we would be moving after eight months but i am excited to see what this next season will hold for us as a family. before everything goes into boxes i snapped some pictures of our first home so i would always remember. basically i'm making this post so i can show our kids one day the first apartment mom & dad lived in, but don't worry- those kids shouldn't be coming anytime soon:)

just a disclaimer: we moved in in january and started thinking about the potential of working for a church in the winter still so i stopped decorating just in case we were to move - aka i'm ashamed of the bare walls, so just look past that ahah.. okay okay lets get started!

Thanks so much for checking out our first home. we have just loved living here! i will be sure to show you our new home once we move.

hope your weekend is going amazing (for real i hope it is!)



  1. Hello Madeline and Mark. So good to know you through your profile. I am also glad to stop by your blog post and was blessed to know more about you, your love story and your beautiful Home. Twice I worte my comment and twice my internet connection before I could click on to publish, it got disconnected. Hope this time it goes through. I am have written you and email and you will be able to know about our ministry too. Pastor Diwakar Wankhede, Mumbai, India

  2. Wow! Your first home looks great! The bare walls are totally fine. The neutral shades are cool and calming and I think your minimal decor fits well with it. I love the big map of the world and the office space. Anyway, it's sad that you're leaving, but I guess that just means new opportunities for decorating await you, in whichever house you call home next. Thank you for giving us a tour! I hope everything is going well with your family!

    Brenda Boyd @ Nu Home


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