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oh hey… you haven't heard from me in this space for a while and i apologize…my hope is to be blogging on a regular basis because i love it and its a great outlet however my life has been rather busy. when i do have a moment to spare i usually want to pick up my bible instead or get some extra time to sleep but once life gets into a routine (i realized it will never slow down!) i will hopefully use this space more!

mark and i feel very blessed working as youth pastors at Emmanuel. even though we are only six weeks in we both feel this is exactly where God wants us for this season.

our Pastor preached a few weeks ago on prayer and the importance of prayer. i was literally sitting in my seat feeling the Spirit convict me the entire twenty minutes about how my prayer life needs to increase. 

i am deep enough in my faith to know that God gets all the glory. i don't want any credit for anything good that happens in my life or in our ministry role. each evening after bible study or youth group when something sweet happens i know its all God.

we are opening a youth cafe for the high school students next week and mark and i have put countless hours into redoing the youth house, decorating it, flyers, banners, social media etc. but we know that with all the prep we do it is God's doing that will bring teenagers to the cafe or not. we also know that without a strong prayer team behind our ministry not a lot will get done.

we want to give God all the glory and we want the Spirit to do massive things through ignite youth. when we tell stories of what God is doing we want people to know that it is God and nothing a few people could do or pull off. but we know that doesn't happen without prayer.

so here's where we would love for you to be involved. i will be sending out a bi-weekly/monthly prayer update and would love for you to be added onto the list. it would be so much to partner with us in prayer and know that we have your support!

leave a comment on the blog/facebook or email me at madeline_hockley@hotmail.com

thanks so much.

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