my not so perfect "instagramed" life

i love social media but i get so frustrated with the picture and life that it can portray.

pictures lie. we tend to take photos when we look our best, are doing cool things, are hanging out with the right people etc.

my biggest pet peeve is fake people. it bothers me so much and it isn't necessary. it stems from a past of trying wearing a mask to fit in and be someone i'm not to try to make others like me.

i long for people take off their masks and be real. be raw and vulnerable and honest about who you are and what you are going through: good or bad. it is one of my most favourite things.

isn't it so refreshing when you have a real conversation with someone about something that actually matters? it encourages me beyond words.

i am striving to be real. to be raw. to tell my story in a way that doesn't make me look good but gives glory to Jesus. yet, it is so hard on social media… especially since i have been on social media a lot with my new job and launching a cafe - my life could look picture perfect and you could get annoyed with the life social media has portrayed that i live…

so in honour of keeping my life real and raw i snapped some pics to show you my not so perfect instagramed life.

lets take off the masks we so easily put on and strive to be real with each other in this fake world.

enjoy these no filter, unedited pics of what life really looks like on a daily basis.

my office… very clean and organized:)

this is my piles that need to be sorted through… its on my massive to do list

we have minimal… counter space, why yes you're looking at all of it! it makes cooking one meal make our kitchen look like a disaster- it looks like this 75% of the time!

we bought some furniture after our move….this is our hallway!

waiting for dressers to be built so we can finally put stuff away

some days we don't make our bed… gasp!!!

i thought acne left me after i hit twenty.. guess not.. no make up and being okay with those red dots on my face


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