Obese Christians

my man and i have been reading this marriage book called you and me forever by Francis and Lisa Chan on our date nights. (click here for more info)

it is a marriage book that explains marriage isn't forever that we need to focus on eternal things & that marriage is a direct representation of the picture God paints with us and His church. i strongly encourage you to just read the book whether you are single or married - Francis and Lisa write more eloquently than i ever could.

a part in the book that has stuck with me for weeks is when Francis talks about obese christians. here is what he writes:

"I recently read an article about the fattest people on earth, people weighing well over a thousand pounds, people who are eating themselves to death. At a certain point, they lost the ability to walk. Eventually, they were bedridden and depended on others feeding them because they could no longer even feed themselves. 
It reminded me of a lot of people I find in the church. They are fed more and more knowledge every week. They attend church services, join small group Bible studies, read Christian books, listen to podcasts- and are convinced they still need more knowledge. Truth is, their biggest need is to do something. They don't need another feast on doctrine. They need to exercise. They need to work off what they've already consumed. Some have become so used to consuming the Word without applying it that you wonder if they even can. These are spiritually bedridden, resigned to spending the rest of their lives studying the Word without ever making disciples or tangibly caring for others. They are the ones about whom James asks:
"What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him?"(James 2:14)"

this hits hard and deep because that can so be me.

am i an obese Christian? Are you?

being in ministry i think i can easily slip into "talking about Christ" and eating so so much knowledge.

heres why:

i attend three bible studies a week, go to Church, go to sunday school, read my bible (almost every day), listen to many podcasts of other churches Sunday morning services, chat with my husband and friends about God, and attend staff meetings every week where we read the Word of God

i am eating a lot. like a lot. 

how much am i exercising? how often am i doing something and practising what i've been learning and reading?

this has challenged both mark and i in such a real way. the Spirit has convicted me deeply and each day i now look for ways that i am exercising and practically living out my faith.

it's been tough some days but its felt so good "working off that food" by telling random people about Christ and His love for them. yes, it can be scary, but lets not be afraid of getting our feelings hurt or being called a bible thumper. we are called to not be ashamed of the gospel. are you?

i've been making a practical list of ways i am exercising and tangibly living out my faith. it's been a great check on how i'm doing in this area.

i am sharing this on the blog because i agree with Francis when he writes "it reminded me a lot of the people i find in the church." i don't want that to be me and i don't want that to be you!

lets do more for Jesus this week. let's put into practice all the doctrine we've learnt and trust the Spirit to move- I know He will.

With love,

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