"you can't take someone where you haven't been before"

you can't take someone where you haven't been before

this quote has been of my go to life quotes, repeat it weekly, write it on my chalkboard/whiteboards just so i can constantly be reminded because i couldn't agree with it more

i've had the privilege and honour to mentor a lot of young woman (usually with tea!) since seriously getting my life on track with God at the end of high school. God has been ever so gracious with me as i hang out with these ladies and let the Holy Spirit use me in some way to encourage them in their walks with Jesus.

mentoring is one of my most favourite things and now that i am doing full time ministry, its unreal to think its part of my job description. 

through my quiet times this past week God has been challenging me once again with this quote… urging me to not stay the same.

if i want to mentor and love on young woman i must be learning something new and discovering something for myself… basically God and i were talking about how i can't use the same material. i need to be learning more and not be satisfied with what i learnt about God last week.

i love the song oceans by Hillsong and love the metaphor about going out deeper into the water for Jesus.

when it comes to mentoring, i can't expect someone i'm pouring into to be knee high in the water when i'm refusing to go with them and just getting my ankles wet. i need to be knee high or further.

i really believe that when it comes to our spiritual walk we should have people pouring into us (mentoring us), we should have people on the same page as us (both knee high in the water), and then we should be pouring into others that are starting spiritual walks or younger than us.

are you allowing yourself to be mentored and are you mentoring someone?

are you able to continue challenging yourself and seeking more from God as you lead others?

remember: you can't take someone where you haven't been before.

these are the thoughts/questions the Holy Spirit has been challenging me with.

praying you'll have a great week!

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