happy 2015!

jan 2015 already. crazy.

i read a lot of blogs throughout the week and really have read everyones goals for 2015.

i must admit i am a big fan of goals and absolutely believe in to-do lists, setting and monitoring goals, and reflecting on what works/didn't to constantly improve.

the hashtag #makeitpublicmakeithappen has encouraged me a lot and after much hesitation i thought i would post my 2015 goals.

also i forget/loose my lists so much if they are forever on this blog (get it? ahha) i'll be able to reflect better once 2015 is over. i'll leave the list the way i wrote it in my journal.. the more honest the better right?
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1. Only snooze the alarm once! yes once.
2. Be more intentional about reading God's word - aka everyday!
3. Learn/memorize 24 scriptures in the year through Beth Moores' memory plan (if you want more info about this click here)
4. File bills (other documents) RIGHT AWAY - no clutter
5. Clean closet out frequently
6. Be more intentional about mentoring
     - pray more about this
     - girls mentoring/ online / through the blog -gah so many ideas!
7. Have a blog schedule (bible study, thankful day, get more consistent, start a series?)
8. Leave more room for the Spirit to move - be more flexible to serve and do more
9. Have more people over
     - practice hospitality
10. Give more money away intentionally
     - how to give more of God's money away and also save for a house
     - always give annoymously
11. Invest in a non-christian group thing - find something that i can be out in the world, not church related
12. Actually make disciples
     - i want to look back at the end of 2015 and actually say the Spirit made disciples of Jesus through me
13. Practically get better at serving people
     - go deeper into learning what it means to be Jesus hands and feet
     - have strangers, homeless people sleep over / eat dinner at our home

i so hope your 2015 is starting off well whether you make goals or not!


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