Life on the Front Lines

so i'm really stoked to start a new series. it's called: life on the front lines.

my purpose is to capture my "ministry moments" and write them in this space. i promise to be super honest, yet respectful and try my hardest to give an accurate picture - for example: just not write all the exciting parts of working in ministry. my goal is to look back at these post 10 years later and be able to reflect on my first try at ministry as a job. some weeks will be lists, other weeks may be a story i wanna share etc - the possibilities are endless…hurray!

** just to clarify these posts are not supported by the church or have any direct affiliation with the church. these are just my personal thoughts about my job on my personal blog.

ready!? lets get started.

here are ten things that happened recently that i don't wanna forget.

1. staying up way too late prepping for bible study

2. having a mom call my cell for advice about her teenage daughter when i am only 22 years old and feel completely useless trying to give anything helpful

3. filing papers, making church schedules and spending an entire afternoon re making labels

4. cleaning and re cleaning the youth house - we clean it tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and prep it for sunday morning

5. talking to myself at the cafe trying to muster up the courage to talk to a certain group of girls - but terrified still of their thoughts of me

6. texting a sixteen year old student about the importance of living and not giving up on God or her life

7. feeling like a proud parent watching this young woman find confidence in herself and take leaps towards living out her God given purpose- its actually the most encouraging thing ever!

8. witnessing answered prayer when two teens who i met through the cafe came to youth group on fri night - praise you Jesus - you do miracles even today!

9. having a husband who "gets this job" and understands the emotional baggage i carry when i hear their stories and how tiring that can be

10. being so encouraged when we were making our 2015 goals for student ministries and a student says "ignite is so great- lets just keep going!"

can't wait to be more intentional about capturing and reflecting the highs and lows of this season of my life. thanks for reading. have an incredible weekend.


  1. best part about this post: you (and your 'understanding husband") being fully available to be used by the Creator of the universe to hold out a flashlight of Grace in the darkness around you. Stay rooted in the Vine and grounded in the Truth! praying for you both. T.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and for reading! Def. doing this on God's strength alone


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