Life on the Front Lines VOL. 2

looking back on my prayer life i can easily identify my 'top prayer' that i speak so often to the Lord. its:

"Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours & show me what you are seeing"

my heart aches, like physically aches for the Lord to align my heart with His. when i look at a situation i am desperate to see the situation the way the Lord sees it.

being in ministry, this prayer has only increased and i speak it over and over in a day.

God, what are you seeing when you look at the students in the our youth group? how do i love them better? how can i serve them better? God, give me discernment on what to say to "x" student, give me the words.

i adore the ignite cafe that Emmanuel runs on tues and thurs at lunch. we now have our regulars who come out and i look forward to just hanging out with them praying that i will be Jesus to them.

our prayer (mark and i) is for the students who walk into the cafe to notice something is different - to know that we are treating, talking, and showing Jesus' love. oh, would i get better at doing that!

a video went viral from a social experiment this past week. it came up on my fb news feed and after watching it, i watched it again and then i thought about it for the rest of the day and watched it once more & now i am blogging about it because i can't stop thinking about it and what i would have done.

they showed a business man on crutches falling and people helping him. then they showed a man dressed more poorly on crutches falling and no one helping him.

obviously this is a social experiment but the truth it provides is sobering. "Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours" - i know this is something that grieves the Lord. His children, his ambassadors on earth, his representation of Him- are His followers stopping and being His hands and feet. Are we practically living out what we believe. i know that Jesus wouldn't have walked by, but would i?

would you?

Lord, would we not be so busy (insert what you struggle with) to walk past the hurting, the lonely, the broken and this lost world. 

Lord, would your people who call themselves Christ followers live out what breaks your heart.

i know that this prayer will continue to challenge me and i will continue to pray it.

oh would the ministry the Lord has entrusted me with in this season of my life be glorifying and honouring to Him.

here is the video i am referring too- if you haven't watched it i encourage you too.

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