Your Legacy - MLK Jr

today is MLK Jr day.

we can all agree that he was an amazing man. he fought for justice. he loved so deeply. he never gave up. and today we specifically celebrate his life. we celebrate his love for God. we celebrate his perseverance for blacks to be equal. we celebrate his non violent approach in the civil rights movement.

like most people, i consider Martin Luther King Jr as one of my hero's.

today, well scrolling through my instagram feed and seeing everyone posting quotes, pics and other things to remember his life i thought to myself - "what a legacy" 

he left a legacy that clearly no one will forget… there is a federal holiday named after him.

it got me thinking how everyone has a chance to do something that matters in this world. to fight for something. to leave a legacy.

it got me thinking about my legacy. if i died today, what would people think of my life? would they even know that i was a follower of Jesus? would they say i acted like Christ?

tough questions.

then my brain got thinking about how to make my legacy better. what things do i need to improve on in my life to leave a better legacy? what faith steps do i need to take?

life is so short. we have one life to live and i so desire my life to honour and glorify God no matter what the cost. but typing it on a blog in my furnished home, with heat on and a full fridge isn't saying a lot.

what stands out about MLK Jr is that his actions spoke so much louder than his words. he walked out his faith and love for God till he got assassinated; he left a legacy that pointed people to Christ.

i want my life, my legacy to point people to Christ too. 

what's your legacy?

thank you Martin Luther King Jr for your example and for doing something that mattered with your life. 
you inspire me.

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