Eternal Realities

there have been a few examples throughout the last two weeks where i have been frustrated with the way Christians are standing up/sharing their faith. i guess to summarize these encounters have left me disappointed in their boldness for the gospel.

i can't imagine the amount of times i disappoint Christ by not living out my faith better with more boldness. since i have a PHD in reflecting (not saying its a good thing…ask my husband!) i started reflecting on the way i am sharing the gospel today and comparing it to last month, six months ago, a year ago.

after deeper thought i realized that the majority of my boldness has come from thinking about hell.

did you think that would be my answer? nope. me either. i was actually shocked.. which is why i'm writing it on this blog because i find it so intriguing.

if you have been a church goer for most of your life, take a second and think how many Sunday services you have sat through? now tell me how many Sundays the pastor talked about hell?

before listening to Pastor Peter (my pastor at Emmanuel Church now) i had never heard a sermon from my home church on hell.

i think this is wrong. very wrong. you may be reading this saying- "we don't want to offend people" & "we don't know who is going to hell," but when i read the active and living word of God, Jesus offends people because he speaks the truth. & your right, God alone makes the call whether each individual is living eternally in heaven or hell- but that doesn't mean hell isn't real or that it doesn't exist.

the other thing - Jesus talked about hell more then anyone in the Bible.

the thing that has made me bolder in my faith, more passionate to tell others is the fact that as a Christian who believes in the authority of the bible, i believe in hell. and yes, i believe people will go there.

the scares me to the bone and gives me chills even typing this out. people i know and love and are my friends may go to hell if they don't surrender their lives to Christ.

it woke me up. 

i also know that the bible says Jesus will come back when no one is expecting and that we are to anxiously wait for Jesus to return. (Mark 13:32)

that makes me want to work harder for the gospel. knowing that Jesus could return at any minute, i need to share his love and power with anyone who will listen to me.

its made me bolder for Christ because i do not want anyone i come in contact with to not have heard the gospel. i am less concerned if they get offend with me, tell me to shut up (that has happened) because i so don't want to meet God and for him to ask me why i didn't tell my friends, family, anyone i came in contact with about His saving love and grace.

if i really believe God is the answer, why would i be afraid to tell others about it? its like if you knew the cure for cancer, but you never shared it. if i know the truth (which i believe 100% i do) then i need to share it with others despite what they think or say about me. i have to answer to God not people. 

i know that i personally do not save anyone, its the power of the Holy Spirit and the gospel that goes out and changes people. but i know i am called to go and make disciples knowing full well that the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me will speak through me.

someone asked me this week how to get more confident in their faith. the number one answer i always give is to read God's word and know it for themselves… but from these thoughts i also said to think about hell. to really grasp an eternal perspective.

the bible tells us that our time on earth is like a vapour. (James 4:14) aka short. very short compared to eternity living in heaven or hell.

as Christians, we have work to do. lets do it, lets work hard to advance the gospel since we are only hear for a vapour knowing the that Holy Spirit is equipping us for every good work. Remember it is Gods heart for all to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4) that is why God sent Jesus, but as his ambassadors on earth - we need to tell people about it!!

if you are a Christian are you being bold for the gospel? are you living with an eternal perspective? do you believe in hell? Jesus did (Luke 13:25-28 & many many other passages)
or are you worried about earthly things that will fade away with no eternal value?

if you do not call yourself a Christian this post and my heart is not to "scare anyone to Christ" or to scare you into believing in God. but i will be bold with you and say that i do believe in hell and that people will go there (because i believe in the bible). if you do not know about God or haven't ever experienced His love or incredible power i'd love to chat with you. email me and we will go from there.

i deserve hell. every human deserves hell. the only reason i know i'm not going there is because Jesus Christ died on the cross and He took my punishment. He saved me. & by laying down my life for Jesus I gained a new life with Him. sounds confusing.. email me!


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