finally launching the Sisterhood Project

today is the day [insert all the celebration emojis here]

back in october i started thinking about how i could reach more women and how we could better connect.

in november i got the idea to host something on my blog to connect better because i just didn't have enough time to go out on coffee dates every day.

then i chickened out.

in january i felt the Lord nudging me to do something with my blog. i prayed and got back a resounding yes to do something.

but i got scared. what if people sent me hate emails or discouraging messages. i am not a bible teacher - so what if people cut me up on my theology. so i left it.

march first i decided to start working on templates and how it could practically look. this past month i have spent hours upon hours trying to code [which failed] and started praying what an idea/dream would practically look like. i have worked all month on this project, which now has a name! and yet it sat on my laptop 'unpublished' for a week- but now i am launching even though i am still waiting on my domain name. i bought a new domain name last week [still waiting though for it to work - urg] called foreverhis.com so this blog will be easier for people to find and for you to remember.

above [in the black banner] is all the info and pages about the sisterhood project.

so to start click here and i encourage you to watch the video, even though i feel so silly taking videos.. oh well i'll get over it.

thanks for all your support in reading this blog and i look forward to connecting with your through video blogs, mentorship program and reading our bibles together.

if you haven't already, submit your email address over to the right ---> so you can be notified every time i post.

yay yay yay!


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