Life on the Front Lines Vol. 3

this past weekend our church hosted a bible conference with a bunch of churches from all over Ontario.

in short, it was so great.

the conference theme was called "Strengthening Your Faith" and we had Sandy Adams fly in from his home church in Georgia to encourage us.

if i'm honest with you, in this town full of 'Christians' i can often feel 'alone' in my faith. when i read the bible and see what people did for God and the radical faith they had and then look at elmira i often don't see a lot of radical christians living it all for Jesus. it can be discouraging. i am not saying i'm all radical and great.. no, not at all… but i'm all in for Jesus.

& this conference there were so many people who were all in. it was so refreshing. worship on friday night was incredible. i was in the second row and could hear all the voices behind me just praising Jesus. it was just so encouraging to know that these people are all in. they will go anywhere and do anything for the sake of gospel. they weren't fake. the conference was a lot of work but i am so happy our church hosted it.

i took notes throughout the weekend (  surprise!  ) here are some thoughts that convicted/challenged/encouraged me - hopefully it can encourage you too!

 why do bad things happen to good people?
-as Christians it is dangerous to have kindergarten theology and think that bad things happen because God failed or we failed. both weren't true in Job's case.
- Job lost everything not because Job sinned or God failed. God let Satan test Job. All of heaven was watching to see if Job would be faithful to praise Jesus through loosing everything
- Job never got to read Job 1 & 2. Job never found out why he lost everything. its not always up to us to  know why
- virtue doesn't insulate you from pain. only heaven knowns the whole story and God is expecting us to trust Him
- will i fold or be faithful? the stresses in my life may be the test of my faith. all of heaven could be watching!
-can i trust God even when i can't trace Him?
- Job 38. after Job complains God asks Job a set of 70 questions - God puts Job in his place. Example: "were you were you [Job] when I laid the foundation of the earth?"
-3 options when bad things happen to good people
      1. pouting 2. pounding (complaining) 3. praise
- Job never learnt "why" this bad thing happened to him, but he learnt WHO
- When you really know WHO you don't need to know WHY

Isaiah 53
- before John the Baptist heaven had been silent for 400 years
- Isaiah 53 has deep intricate descriptions of Jesus - written 700 years before Jesus. how can i trust the bible? - prophecy. Isaiah gives specific prophecy that comes true 700 years late. unreal.
- vs 2 - Jesus was not good-looking!! - if you would have looked for Jesus for his good looks, popularity, being cool, having it all together - you would have missed your Saviour.
- John 1:11 - "his own didn't even know Him" - the Jews didn't even recognize Jesus. they were looking for a "king"
-does it ever bother me that Jesus isn't concerned about my own ambitions but Jesus is only concerned about my heart?
- the only man made thing in heaven - Jesus scars.

i slept in till ten this morning (mondays are my day off to try not to think or do church work) and it was wonderful.

hope you have a great week.

also i've been praying for this blog and dreaming what it can become. for a few months now things have been stirring up in my heart and mind. stay tuned to some new content, new features…maybe even a new look? yippie!

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