march break camp

if you read this blog often, you know that i am a huge fan of blogging and bloggers and i want you to start your own too.

one of the main reasons i love to write on this blog is that it will always be here.
journals are incredible, but i can't sort them or easily refer back. and i loose journals.

this past week we tried a march break camp at our church. it was a huge success. i don't want to loose these memories that are fresh so i am blogging them too! 

here are some personal highlights of march break camp that happened at Emmanuel Church March 16-20.

kids are so smart
sometimes i default to think that because he is five he can't understand the gospel. this week reminded me how much they get it and how God is working their lives. super encouraging for my faith.

learning how to love them like Jesus and asking the Lord each morning to show me what He sees when He looks at his stunning children

camp ministry has my heart
i have been doing camp ministry since grade nine (took two years off when i went to Africa- but my year in Africa was one big camp) and this will be the first summer i am not. i miss it so much and i know when the summer comes i will miss it more. this week was a precious reminder how much i love the relationships and connections that get built from spending a week together & i am so thankful for this reminder. it also allowed me to love camps at my church and not just up at conestoga lake.

when she sat in my lap and told me about her mommy and daddy getting a divorce and how hard that is for her

kids can worship God too through singing, not just teens and adults
i got to lead the worship songs and found it such a blessing being up on the stage, glancing at 50 beautiful children and watching them worship their creator. 

i thrive off of high stress high impact events
each day was insane. it was go go go all day and then prep all night for the next day. yet i loved it and had such a blast. i love outreach events into the community. yes, it stretches me, but i am being Jesus hands and feet in such a practical way and that is so fulfilling. i can def. do this again.

when she ran up to me in the morning exclaiming how happy she was that i get to be her "teacher"again

when he said "you are my best friend" running away giggling

when my husband shared the gospel message with the campers each day during chapel.
it didn't feel real as i was sitting in the sound booth watching him preach that he is mine. my husband. uhh, i am so blessed. thank you Lord for giving me a man that will do and go anywhere for you. it's all the matters.

playing jumprope and hopscotch with my girls laughing the entire forty-five minutes

listening to them saying their memory verses each morning as they learn God's word
"your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my faith" Ps 119:105

goodbye hugs that last a few extra seconds

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