praying for more good looking high school students….

you know when you joke about something but there is some truth to it… this is one of those situations.

when mark and i started working at the church there wasn't a fifty student youth group with programs and outreaches already running. we were blessed in that too; to get to do our own thing and 'start from scratch' but apart of me wanted to have a fifty student youth group up and running in a few weeks. i know its not about the numbers but i thought the more students we could get out, the more students would hear the gospel and get saved therefore advancing the kingdom. Also more students equals more discipleship moments.

as we dreamed, worked hard and prepared i started 'joking' with people that i was praying for more good looking families to attend the church so more students would come out. i said it to a bunch of people.

then one night i actually prayed it. i prayed for a handsome high school boy who played sports to attend our youth group…not because we don't have a super good looking students now, but i thought more older high school boys would help it grow.

oh maddie, you are so stupid sometimes.

then i studied James 2. wake up call.

it was so convicting. the Spirit spoke so clearly to me, it could have been audible.

"my brethren, do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of personal favouritism" - James 2:1

"but if you show partiality, you are committing sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors" James 2:9 

the passage is talking about a rich man coming into church vs a poor man and to not show favouritism to the rich man and only approach him - that is a sin (vs 9).

this passage is also talking about my sinful heart in showing favouritism to the stereotypical popular good looking guy to bring out more of his friends and get more girls coming…

i love that God's word is active and alive, sharper than any two edge sword (Heb 4:12).  i definitely got on my knees and asked for forgiveness for my awful heart in joking about it and even praying about it.

then at the conference one of the points was Isaiah 53:2  which says "He has no stately form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him"

aka: Jesus wasn't good-looking, popular, played football etc. the bible actually tells us the opposite. he was average, we shouldn't even be attracted to Him.

then the speaker asked us if we would even notice Jesus today if He was in our midst. the Jews, his chosen people missed Him because they were looking for the stereotypical "King" with robes, chariots and army.

i found so much comfort in this because i so wouldn't want to miss Jesus. i would want to be with Him always and never leave his side.

looks don't matter. popularity doesn't matter. what grade you get or what sport you play doesn't matter. how rich or poor you are doesn't matter. if you dress in designer clothes or not - who cares.

none of it, nothing matters to God (James 2:5)

James 2 is more then clear. God tells His people (Christians) to not show favouritism and to treat everyone equal. Why? Because God doesn't have favourites.

and when Jesus was on earth His appearance was an average joe. the disciples were average and yet God used them to start His church. (ps. Jesus appearance when He returns again is anything than average - read Revelation.. He is coming back in ALL His glory!)

are you showing favouritism in your life?

are you looking to be friends with the right people, look a certain way to fit in?

would you have missed Jesus entertaining the rich and popular?

these are hard questions, and ones that are ongoing but i have stopped praying for more handsome older men to attend youth and am beyond thankful to whoever comes out and our numbers.

in my true bias i think we have the greatest youth ever and they are all super good looking. i am so honoured to serve them each and every day and i am so thankful to see God tangibly working in their lives.

thanks so much for letting me be open and honest about what God has been teaching me.
i hate fake people and i want to be real with you.


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