bible reading plan - 1 Corinthians starts April 22

Yay! Congrats on those who were reading James with me! we finished James and i am feeling so refreshed again by that book. God is so clear sometimes and James to me is a very clear book.

tomorrow i am going to start reading 1 Corinthians are i so encourage you to read it with me.

you want to hear from God? read His word. He is speaking to you!

if you click on the bible reading plan tab in the black you will get the full schedule and purpose behind the bible reading plan.

personally, i've never fully read 1 Corinthians. its been such a scary book. it talks about spiritual gifts, the law, head coverings, marriages etc and its just a chalk full book of people disagreeing with each other in the church. so i've just stayed away from it all. but i know God's word is active - sharper than a two edge sword. i feel i am at a place to read 1 Corinthians. i am taking passages in smaller chunks and am really looking forward to reading 1 Corinthians.

if you just became a Christian i still want you to read along with me, but just know this is a book that lots of people debate on end about. except for 1 Corinthians 13 which is the love chapter haha.

anyways this is going really well. i still don't know everyone who is reading along [so if you are comment] so we can be on the same page and encourage each other.

alright share this with others if you'd like.

any amount of time spent in Gods word is the best use of your time.

here is the schedule:

Passage of Scripture
Yes! I read it
Wed April 22
1 Corinthians 1: 1-8

Thurs April 23
1 Corinthians 1: 9- 17

Fri April 24
1 Cor 1: 18- 25

Sat April 25
1 Cor 1: 26-31

Sun April 26
1 Cor 2: 1-11

Mon April 27
1 Cor 2: 12- 16

Tues April 28
1 Cor 3: 1-10

Wed April 29
1 Cor 3: 11-23

Thurs April 30
1 Cor 4: 1-8

Fri May 1
1 Cor 4: 9-14

Sat May 2
1 Cor 4: 15-21

Sun May 3
1 Cor 5: 1-8

Mon May 4
1 Cor 5: 9-13

Tues May 5
1 Cor 6: 1-11

Wed May 6
1 Cor 6: 12-20

Thurs May 7
1 Cor 7: 1-20

Fri May 8
1 Cor 7: 21-32

Sat May 9
1 Cor 7: 32-40

Sun May 10
1 Cor 8: 1-13

Mon May 11
1 Cor 9: 1-12

Tues May 12
1 Cor 9: 13-19

Wed May 13
1 Cor 9: 20-27

Thurs May 14
1 Cor 10: 1-13

Fri May 15
1 Cor 10: 14- 26

Sat May 16
1 Cor 10: 23-33

Sun May 17
1 Cor 11: 1-22

Mon May 18
1 Cor 11: 23-34

Tues May 19
1 Cor 12: 1-12

Wed May 20
1 Cor 12: 13-31

Thurs May 21
1 Cor 13: 1-13

Fri May 22
1 Cor 14: 1-19

Sat May 23
1 Cor 14: 20-33

Sun May 24
1 Cor 14: 34-40

Mon May 25
1 Cor 15: 1-10

Tues May 26
1 Cor 15: 11-19

Wed May 27
1 Cor 15: 20-33

Thurs May 28
1 Cor 15: 34-49

Fri May 29
1 Cor 15: 50-58

Sat May 30
1 Cor 16: 1-9

Sun May 31
1 Cor 16: 10-24

sending you lots of love!


Female Porn

i am writing about this because i believe it is important to talk about and i've struggled with it so much. this post is my personal journey and has no correlation to my job or the church where i work. last, my sweet, incredible, handsome husband has read this blog post and supports and encourages me to publish it. obviously when i share my personal story online to everyone it directly affects him. so know he is super supportive of this!

when i use the word porn in this post, i am not meaning it in the term most people use it as; using sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal.

i know females struggle with porn. maybe not as much as males do, because they are stimulated differently but watching porn is a female issue too. i know so many young girls and women who are addicted to porn. heck, i even had a boyfriend in high school who told me we should watch porn together to make our relationship stronger. he encouraged me to watch it so i tried it, hoping it would help. yes, it is an issue for women too, but thats not what i'm blogging about today.

one of the things watching porn does is that it creates unrealistic expectations. porn portrays things that are not real and makes the viewer believe it is normal and real. it fuels a false reality.

but is porn the only thing that creates unrealistic expectations in relationships?

i believe that males are more stimulated by viewing things than us females and i believe that females are stimulated more by words and emotions [this isn't a be all end all statement, but it has been so true in my life].

i think us females need to be careful what unrealistic expectations we are putting on relationships. maybe we aren't addicted to porn in the normal use of the word, but are we addicted to our romance novels or bachelor shows which paint a false expectation of how our future husbands should act, treat us and preform?

in middle school and high school i loved watching gossip girl and bachelor/bachelorette. i read all of nicholas sparks novels and watched so many romantic comedies. not fully knowing it, i was addicted to the idea that my future husband would serve all my needs in the way it happens in the movies. i believed that it was me who needed to be happy, even if that meant cheating on my boyfriend/husband because it happened in the movies and they lived happily ever after right? doesn't the bachelor kiss twenty girls at once and tell them he loves them? doesn't he take them on the most expensive romantic dates and flies her around the world. this is not real life. this is female porn. unrealistic expecations.

when mark and i first start dating when i was in grade ten, i had no idea how to live out a Christ centred relationship. i adore my parents and saw the way they loved and treated each other, and there were other Godly couples i could look up to, but the majority of the time my mind was filled with tv shows, novels, movies and cosmopolitan magazine which all my girlfriends read. it taught me how to play hard to get, to take a guy on an emotional roller coaster and so many detrimental things. i truly thought guys wanted me to flirt with other guys to make them jealous and want me more. it sounds stupid typing it now but thats what i watched every monday night.

lets just clear the air and say that watching a tv show or reading a romance novel isn't a sin. i am not saying that. but i am saying be careful what you are filling your mind with. the bible is pretty clear on this. "finally brethren, whatever is true, what is honourable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things" - philippians 4:8. i was dwelling on other things giving me a false expectation and ultimately making me addicted to this type of false "love."

maybe this is too bold to say… but mark is not an attractive husband in the worlds definition of what a relationship should be. one [of the many] reasons i broke up with mark so much is he wasn't filling my need or definition of what i thought a relationship should be like. shouldn't it be like a taylor swift song?
thats the way i loved you song by taylor swift

 why wasn't this happening with mark? 

so i got bored of mark. he wanted trust, communication, honesty and for me to constantly be growing and maturing in my faith. i had read and watched too much female porn and i wanted him to bring me flowers each week and not make me change [cuz obviously that is wrong right? ahha].i wanted a worldly relationship with little commitment and lots of fun!! fun at a cost.

so i searched for it in others and trust me i found it. that roller coaster rush [in the t.swift song] that mark didn't give me…. yeah it left me empty and broken. everything that is not of Christ leaves us empty and broken. you were created by a perfect God who loves you and wants to fill you with His love. anything but His love will leave you empty. 

this is my personal journey i've been on. i cut out the female porn in my life and started reading my bible to get Godly expectations of what relationships should be. i am proud to say i haven't even picked up a cosmo magazine since first year of university. its not worth it to me because it can be so addicting. 

ladies, when your eyes our fixed on the world, Godly men won't be that attractive. they won't want to go to parties with you and fill your every need. but when your eyes are fixed on Christ, those God-fearing men will be the hottest things around. i realized that i don't want fake fun and i don't want mark to fill my needs, i want God too. & Godly men point you towards God- they push you to never stop growing in your faith, and you can do the same for them! its the best thing ever.

are you addicted to porn? 

i sure was and honestly can still struggle with unrealistic expectations of what a relationship should look like because we live in this world.

i see so many beautiful stunning ladies [Christian ladies] addicted to this kind of porn of having such unfair, unrealistic expectations on their boyfriends/husbands and it breaks me.

ladies, lets strive to love and treat our boyfriends/future boyfriends/husbands like Christ. we expect our boyfriends/husbands to not watch porn and get false ideas of how we should look, dress and act when it comes to sex - lets be fair back to them when it comes to our relationship.

thanks for reading this massive blog post. its been on my heart for such a long time.

if you need prayer ever or just want to continue this conversation please contact me. i'd love that.

if you are struggling with porn [either definition] and are ashamed of it, don't be- i've been there [on both definitions of the word] and would love to talk to you about it. lets get our sin out in the open, repent and move on from it (work towards it- i know its a struggle). we've got kingdom work to do! there is no need to live in shame. Christ died for our porn addictions so that we can be free.

heres my email: madeline_hockley@hotmail.com

thanks for reading.


God Still Answers Prayers

when is the last time you prayed for something and God answered you? when is the last time you've been able to reflect and thank God for answered prayer?

here's my number one problem when it comes to prayer. i talk and talk and pour out my heart and lay it all at His feet and then i sleep or move on. i forget to listen. i forget that this relationship is two way and i need to wait to hear from God. i often don't see the power in prayer, not because God isn't working but i am not looking for it.

if you've been reading this blog for a while you will know that i have been praying for more boldness. boldness to share my faith. i've prayed for this over myself probably a good hundred times in the past couple months.

sunday afternoon, i was sitting watching baseball with mark-  which means i wasn't not watching baseball at all and just thinking about being bold for Christ.

i started thinking of the past month and all the opportunities i got to be bold and how nerve racking that is, but how faithful God is. God answered my prayer so many times and i didn't even notice! not until i sat down and really thought about it. i am usually just too busy and moving onto the next thing.

please don't miss this. its such a sweet moment with God to know that not only did He hear my prayer, He gave me opportunities to be bold AND God equipped me by being present in each situation.

i talked to three complete strangers this past month about Jesus and His love. i invited all three of these people to church, have remember their names and are praying for them by name. even, a year ago i would have never approached a stranger and shared Jesus with them. now, its getting easier and easier and the last time at mcdonalds on sunday i didn't even realize till after that i was having a complete conversation without even knowing him. thank you Lord for making me more bold. it is so exciting!! & trust me, it can still be scary but it gets easier every time. we just need to be faithful and step out of the boat.

it encourages my faith so much on a deep personal level when i know that i know God heard me and answered. 

maybe you need this encouragement too? remember God still answers prayer. His way and His timing, yes, but He answers prayer. I encourage you to ask God for something that you know He will give (aka not a car or something worldly, but something like boldness, more faith, worry less etc) and be intentional about watching and listening for ways He is working and moving.

happy praying!

*if you would like to be mentored or have someone mentor you email me: madeline_hockley@hotmail.com. this is part of the sisterhood project, and is a sweet way to have accountability when praying for boldness for example. would love for you to join us. 


Bible Reading Plan CHECK IN

yay for trying to read our bibles more.

honestly, there is nothing wrong or bad that could ever happen from reading Gods word and spending time hearing from the creator of the universe who knows the every thought of seven billion people.

so if you've been reading know that i am cheering you on hard core. if you still want to start please do! 

the easiest way for me to think about my need for God's word is food. the bible talks about spiritual food. i eat (physical) meals approx. three times a day or else i am hungry and then get weak and grumpy.

same thing with our spiritual walk. if we are not getting "fed" approx three times a day we are hungry and weak… and therefore are less productive for the kingdom. we need our spiritual food even more than physical food. this can come in many different ways. i know i get "fed" when i know other sisters our reading God's word. i get fed running a fitness class and praising Jesus through it. there are other ways! but 100% the best way is for God to speak straight into our lives and that is by His word.

what ways are you being "spiritual fed?" are you starving and grumpy because you haven't eaten are being less effective for the kingdom?

today on the bible reading plan we start james 2 which is all about favouritism and faith and works. really excited for james 2 and would so LOVE for you to read with me. [click here to get the plan]

here are some of my personal thoughts from james 1 that i have been keeping. they are personal but i am posting to encourage you and give you a little recap of James One if you missed it.

  • i will experience trials in my life. james 1:2 promises me this. maddie don't be surprised when hard stuff happens
  • vs 2 also tells me that i must consider this JOY - yikes! why? cuz it produces endurance so that i may be perfect, lacking in nothing (vs 4)
  • vs 6- i personally know so many people who doubt God and "is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind" - maddie please don't be one of those double minded people. don't be tossed. stand firm in his promises
  • vs 9-12: i can't take anything with me to heaven. don't pursue earthly things like a rich man that will just fade away.
  • i have been saved through faith - its a free gift and nothing i could do. however, there are crowns that Gods children are working towards. we get crowns for doing God's work on earth. vs 12- talks about the crown of life- I WANT THAT!!!! but if i want it… i must perseveres under trial - which means life will suck sometime and hard stuff will happen. persevere maddie, its worth it
  • God doesn't tempt anyone -vs 13
  • vs 19 is a mis-used verse. this verse in context is talking about the word. God's word. be quick to hear [God's word] slow to speak and slow to get angry [about God's word because it is so convicting]. this verse has been taken out of context for so long in my life. vs 18 and 20-21 that bookends the verse is talking about the word.
  • LIVE OUT GODS WORD - maddie be a "doer of the word" - DO IT! live it out. come on! life is way to short to not live it out. ppl need to hear or else they are going to hell.. remember this
  • vs 23-24 super convicting. how many times have i done this. looked in the mirror and then walked away. thank you Lord for your active word that convicts me… i'll get better at this
  • vs 27 social gospel.  vs 27 is giving an practical example of what being a doer of word looks like

lets do James 2!!!! 
proud of you.

love your sister in Christ, who screws up all the time and has such a prideful heart but loves Jesus so passionately and wants others to come to know His unending, unfailing love

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