Bible Reading Plan CHECK IN

yay for trying to read our bibles more.

honestly, there is nothing wrong or bad that could ever happen from reading Gods word and spending time hearing from the creator of the universe who knows the every thought of seven billion people.

so if you've been reading know that i am cheering you on hard core. if you still want to start please do! 

the easiest way for me to think about my need for God's word is food. the bible talks about spiritual food. i eat (physical) meals approx. three times a day or else i am hungry and then get weak and grumpy.

same thing with our spiritual walk. if we are not getting "fed" approx three times a day we are hungry and weak… and therefore are less productive for the kingdom. we need our spiritual food even more than physical food. this can come in many different ways. i know i get "fed" when i know other sisters our reading God's word. i get fed running a fitness class and praising Jesus through it. there are other ways! but 100% the best way is for God to speak straight into our lives and that is by His word.

what ways are you being "spiritual fed?" are you starving and grumpy because you haven't eaten are being less effective for the kingdom?

today on the bible reading plan we start james 2 which is all about favouritism and faith and works. really excited for james 2 and would so LOVE for you to read with me. [click here to get the plan]

here are some of my personal thoughts from james 1 that i have been keeping. they are personal but i am posting to encourage you and give you a little recap of James One if you missed it.

  • i will experience trials in my life. james 1:2 promises me this. maddie don't be surprised when hard stuff happens
  • vs 2 also tells me that i must consider this JOY - yikes! why? cuz it produces endurance so that i may be perfect, lacking in nothing (vs 4)
  • vs 6- i personally know so many people who doubt God and "is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind" - maddie please don't be one of those double minded people. don't be tossed. stand firm in his promises
  • vs 9-12: i can't take anything with me to heaven. don't pursue earthly things like a rich man that will just fade away.
  • i have been saved through faith - its a free gift and nothing i could do. however, there are crowns that Gods children are working towards. we get crowns for doing God's work on earth. vs 12- talks about the crown of life- I WANT THAT!!!! but if i want it… i must perseveres under trial - which means life will suck sometime and hard stuff will happen. persevere maddie, its worth it
  • God doesn't tempt anyone -vs 13
  • vs 19 is a mis-used verse. this verse in context is talking about the word. God's word. be quick to hear [God's word] slow to speak and slow to get angry [about God's word because it is so convicting]. this verse has been taken out of context for so long in my life. vs 18 and 20-21 that bookends the verse is talking about the word.
  • LIVE OUT GODS WORD - maddie be a "doer of the word" - DO IT! live it out. come on! life is way to short to not live it out. ppl need to hear or else they are going to hell.. remember this
  • vs 23-24 super convicting. how many times have i done this. looked in the mirror and then walked away. thank you Lord for your active word that convicts me… i'll get better at this
  • vs 27 social gospel.  vs 27 is giving an practical example of what being a doer of word looks like

lets do James 2!!!! 
proud of you.

love your sister in Christ, who screws up all the time and has such a prideful heart but loves Jesus so passionately and wants others to come to know His unending, unfailing love

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  1. Such great comments about James 1 Maddie! I feel so encouraged already by doing this bible plan and already feeling more spiritually fed as you like to put it :)

    As I read James 2:1-13, I can't help but think about my own sin in this. As I'm going through teacher's college, I have a tendency to choose my "favourite" students to teach, the ones that pay attention and do not interrupt... I feel a do this almost automatically. But God tells us not the show their favouritism and to love every single person, including the ones who may be hard to love. That's my goal tomorrow and the next couple days as I teach my lessons: to not show favouritism! It will be hard at first, but I hope that as I plant this idea in my heart and mind, my favouritism will disappear and the only thing left will be love and joy for every single student I teach.
    Can't wait to keep learning more on this journey!

    Laura E


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