God Still Answers Prayers

when is the last time you prayed for something and God answered you? when is the last time you've been able to reflect and thank God for answered prayer?

here's my number one problem when it comes to prayer. i talk and talk and pour out my heart and lay it all at His feet and then i sleep or move on. i forget to listen. i forget that this relationship is two way and i need to wait to hear from God. i often don't see the power in prayer, not because God isn't working but i am not looking for it.

if you've been reading this blog for a while you will know that i have been praying for more boldness. boldness to share my faith. i've prayed for this over myself probably a good hundred times in the past couple months.

sunday afternoon, i was sitting watching baseball with mark-  which means i wasn't not watching baseball at all and just thinking about being bold for Christ.

i started thinking of the past month and all the opportunities i got to be bold and how nerve racking that is, but how faithful God is. God answered my prayer so many times and i didn't even notice! not until i sat down and really thought about it. i am usually just too busy and moving onto the next thing.

please don't miss this. its such a sweet moment with God to know that not only did He hear my prayer, He gave me opportunities to be bold AND God equipped me by being present in each situation.

i talked to three complete strangers this past month about Jesus and His love. i invited all three of these people to church, have remember their names and are praying for them by name. even, a year ago i would have never approached a stranger and shared Jesus with them. now, its getting easier and easier and the last time at mcdonalds on sunday i didn't even realize till after that i was having a complete conversation without even knowing him. thank you Lord for making me more bold. it is so exciting!! & trust me, it can still be scary but it gets easier every time. we just need to be faithful and step out of the boat.

it encourages my faith so much on a deep personal level when i know that i know God heard me and answered. 

maybe you need this encouragement too? remember God still answers prayer. His way and His timing, yes, but He answers prayer. I encourage you to ask God for something that you know He will give (aka not a car or something worldly, but something like boldness, more faith, worry less etc) and be intentional about watching and listening for ways He is working and moving.

happy praying!

*if you would like to be mentored or have someone mentor you email me: madeline_hockley@hotmail.com. this is part of the sisterhood project, and is a sweet way to have accountability when praying for boldness for example. would love for you to join us. 

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