(trying to) Live With Less

i love setting goals and completing them. check lists actually excite me. this year i was challenged to pick one word and focus on it - my word for 2015 is eternal. my goal is try and practically live out an eternal perspective.

i want to set my mind and do things that will matter for eternity. i know this world won't be around forever and i know that i will be living eternally in heaven. i want to make my eternal life matter, not my worldly one.

this new mindset has been difficult living in a first world materialistic society. its like we've been trained that more stuff equals happiness, yet in reality that isn't true. my prayer is that the Holy Spirit would continue to transform my thoughts to be more like Christ and less of this world. its been encouraging reflecting back on the past few months and seeing the tangible work the Spirit has been doing in my life.

these two passages have been my focus on setting my mind on eternal things and not stuff that i don't get to take with me when i die:

this past weekend i decided to tackle some more "stuff." aka my closet. i have a fear of throwing something away- because what happens in case i need it three years down the road?

the before pic. 

although i didn't reach my goal of creating a capsule wardrobe, [links here & here]  i did give a bunch of clothes away and my closet is more manageable now- aka my clothes from grade six are finally out of the closet. it is another step in the right direction to fight this materialistic war inside and around me.

are there practical ways you can live with less?

remember we can't take any of this 'stuff' with us when we die, let's focus on the things that will matter in eternity.


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