one of my favourite blogs, that i faithfully read everyday is enjoy it by Elise Cripe. a feature i totally adore is every month she writes a "currently" post. just with updates on her life.
because i view this blog as my online journal i thought it would be neat to look back at these currently posts and see how life has changed and how i've grown. so here's my take on it! thanks Elise for the idea:)

eating fresh and local strawberries and loving life

being trained to be a home group leader for the fall when they launch at Emmanuel. getting so excited about this.

wrapping up our last ministry team in year one of this church job. we are now in summer term and continuing with student ministries throughout the summer. it is crazy to think that once this term is over mark and i will be celebrating year one working for Emmanuel Church.

listening to Jack Hibbs and learning a lot about bible prophecy and the confidence it gives a believer to know that the bible is chalk full of prophecies and seeing them come through.

gaining a bit more knowledge of Revelation studying it at Emmanuel this year and watching this this sermon

loving what Levi & Jennie Lusko are doing through the o2 experience  in Montana. i appreciate the way they talk so openly about life, death, sex and relationships. i really want one day for mark and i to run a free conference like this to worship with people and talk about sex and God's heart for purity. it doesn't get talked about enough.

thankful for my girls nights with my friends. these are honestly what keep my sane and get me through normal fifty hour work weeks.

i want to remember June as a month of opportunity. God has given me opportunities to share His love and gospel with homeless people, sick people, students from rough backgrounds and complete strangers God has so specifically placed in my midst as i continue to learn to be bold for His gospel. thank you Jesus for this growth. keep me humble and give me more chances to share.

my sweet husband who always has the house clean when i get home from my serving shift on saturdays. i am so thankful for mark [but i will probably say that every month - not just june :)]

june has flown by and i am so excited for this summer weather to continue.

lots of love

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