Lecrae + VCB

on our way to see Lecrae

at the end of april for Mark's 25th we went to see Lecrae in Toronto. Lecrae is a Christian rapper who is super legit. he's won 2 grammy's and is pretty famous touring around North America and Europe.

at the beginning of June we travelled to Oakville for a worship night lead by Vertical Church Band from Chicago. VCB is in my top 3 favourite bands and their lead singer Meredith Andrews i have adored for years. the band launched from Harvest Church (one of marks and my fav mega churches) so we were stoked that they were touring in Ontario.

i have been reflecting on both concerts lately and just been so encouraged with THE CHURCH. not specific churches or denominations but God's church, all his children working together in the body.

it has encouraged my faith so much just worshipping with other believers from different backgrounds, denominations, cities and walks of life. sometimes in small town Elmira i can narrow minded and have the head knowledge of the greater church but forget how that practically plays out.

attending these concerts has given me such a renewed passion and appreciation for the greater church and just really has encouraged me that i am not alone and there are millions of other believers working towards to same goal

at Lecrae i was so thankful that all these young men had an actual role model. Lecrae took every opportunity to share the gospel and give all the glory to God. he was honest and raw about his brokenness and sin but showed himself as an example of what God can do with a willing and humble heart. i was so thankful for men like Lecrae and thankful my husband has such an incredible role model. Lecrae is def. a light for Jesus in the rap world.

at vertical church band we sat behind a young family with three children. the oldest daughter looked to be about grade 5 and just was worshipping God with her siblings and parents and really meaning it. then a few rows over there was an elderly couple praising Jesus together hands in the air. as i looked around i was so thankful that even though i had no idea who any of these people were, we were family. they are my brothers and sisters in Christ and we have the mission and purpose to advance the gospel. i can't put into words how much that night encouraged me in my faith.

i love worshipping God through songs. even though i can't sing to save my life i love just taking time out of my week and worshipping the God who deserves all my praise and adoration.

now i just need to fly overseas and attend another worship event with people from a different country to continue my appreciation of the greater body of Christ! if only...

happiest of mondays
hope this week will be amazing for you.

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