this fitness story

so i had this prayer after listening to a bunch of sermons on making room for God to work.

the summary notes of these sermons was that we pray for God to give us opportunities to make disciples and do crazy things for Him, yet we plan our days and weeks and leave zero time for the Spirit to move. God could be giving me these opportunities but i've already filled my day with everything "i need to do" and are leaving little time.

i def took this to heart. i'm in a season where i am doing a lot of "good things for the Kingdom" but i started praying for something totally new and crazy. i wrote in my journal that i was going to try and open an evening for God to do something different and big. i prayed and waited. and waited. and questioned if i needed more time or more space.

then we had a conversation at my staff meeting. i thought about it afterward but thought that it couldn't work. then, some aspects of my fitness workouts were changing and then my staff meeting conversation ran through my mind again. then i re read my journal and it was like the Spirit was saying - i am answering your prayer - let's go maddie.

gulp. lead a fitness class. no way. not me. i love working out and i love to dance but i adored my fitness schedule already and didn't want to do this. then i remember my heart and prayer when i told God i wanted to clear a night for some crazy opportunity. this was as crazy as i could think of. i laughed and thought OK Lord.

so i decided mid february to launch a free dance fitness class at Emmanuel (my home church, where i work). since i am not qualified i didn't charge and learnt the dance moves via youtube videos and created a playlist. i prayed that God would bless this and even if no one showed up at least i got a workout!

yet i was pretty scared. could i even lead a class? what if no one showed up? what if i failed? yes, thats my fear. failing. i hate failing. yet i wanted to have faith that God would do something so i took the step.

i had a waiver so people wouldn't sue me if they got hurt and for them to know i have zero experience in this but that i thought this is what God was calling me to do and i wanted to be faithful to Him.

i stopped the class now that summer months are here and there is no air conditioning in the church and i went to file my fitness class materials away for these summer months. i stopped and realized the binder was pretty full. i counted those waivers. fifty three. my heart stopped. thank you Jesus. i got to workout with fifty three beautiful ladies over the course of a couple months. we got to praise the Lord while working out together.

my heart is so full and thankful. this is God. all God. He did this. He answered my prayer. and used someone who is so unqualified  to run this fitness class and i am thankful.

i have every intention of continuing in the fall because thats how i prefer to workout and am so excited to see where God will continue to take this. 

we really don't know what God will do when we are available for Him to use us. and like this fitness story i didn't realize the impact till i decided to file that binder. it was a reminder for me to become more aware of what God is constantly doing around us and thank Him more often.

people always say "be careful what you pray for" but i challenge you to be bold - ask God to completely stretch you and take you deeper than you've been before… those are the times where we grow the most. when we are terrified and we have to 100% trust God.

every time I ask God to take me deeper He is beyond faithful to answer. He wants to mould and shape His children into His likeness. i just need to have the time in my schedule.

are you a planner like myself? are your days so full its hard for the Spirit to freely move?

are you feeling spiritually stuck? maybe its time to be bold and be willing to do something so out of your comfort zone for the Lord.

walking this narrow road with you and cheering you on as we ask the Lord to do great things for His glory alone.


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