three years later

i never cry. i feel deeply, am super emotional and sensitive [yes]... but i don't really show emotion through tears


when i think of my children in South Africa
photos that were sent in my letter. Aphiwe gr 4 
photos that were sent in my letter. Her mother and Aphiwe

oh my heart.

i received a letter in the mail this past week from Aphiwe. one of my sweet wonderful children that i had the honour of serving and living with for an entire year. 

even typing this blog post tears are streaming down my face and i promise.. crying is not my thing. [not saying crying is bad in any way]

i miss her so much. i miss them so much.
june 2012

2011-2012 changed my life forever. i realized Gods love in such a tangible way personally and got to learn to love over twenty children with a glimpse of Gods love.

i can't believe its been three years. its crazy how fast time goes. but trust me getting a letter from my babe is beyond precious and puts me right back.

Feb 2012 - she always would wear my purse in hopes that I wouldn't leave for the weekend

October 2011- she has such a personality!

i am so thankful she is doing great. i remember everything; praying with her, wiping her tears, having sleepovers, teaching english, tickling her back and of course dancing!

Aphiwe is one of the few children that lived at the boarding house that has a parent. one of the hard things being an "aunty" to these children is that there is no way to contact them. i knew this while living in South Africa that communication would be tough when i left due to the fact that many were orphaned and lived in slum like conditions. but there are a few children still living at the boarding home and Aphiwes mom was so gracious to write me a letter.
October 2011- this is her face. always. i adore it
October 2011 - crazy times.

God, thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be a mother to your beautiful children. thank you for using South Africa as a catalyst to spur this deep love i have for people. wherever my kids are tonight God, remind them of your love. thank you for technology. for the chance to now text Aphiwe and her mother. thank you for sweet letters that remind me of how caring of a God you are.

thank you for using a nineteen year old insecure Canadian girl to impact Aphiwes life. Lord, you know she changed me more than i could have ever impacted her through you. thank you you see this whole world and South Africa isn't far away to you.

Aphiwe, i love you so deeply and i was an honour living with you for a year. i can't believe its been three years and you are now in grade four.

i miss you. 

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