July: Currently

July has seriously flown by. If I'm totally honest I am freaking out about the summer being half over. Work wise so much was suppose to get done in preparation for the fall… and not a lot of it is done. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was too stressed. I know worrying does nothing yet my brain wouldn't turn off last night. Hopefully August will be more structured and I'll be able to prep more.

Personal side: I had a week vacation!!! yay!! I hadn't taken vacation since last September when Mark and I flew to Florida to visit my sister and her husband. So basically a year of no vacation and a lot of work. Vacation does wonders especially when it is with my family, whom I adore.

here are some other things I've been loving in July:

this online magazine that you can download for free by clicking the link

I registered for Beth Moore's conference here. I am pretty much her groupie. I've listened to her preach since my junior high years and does the Lord ever speak straight through her. If you are a believer and want an unreal weekend, I suggest you sign up!

I bought this fitness workout. Super excited to learn the moves and maybe implement them into my fitness class in the fall.

downloaded this free print this week. 

I love Davids Tea (when I can afford it) and so want to try these recipes

Thinking of buying some of these prints for the youth house or my office. Can't decide which ones - I love them all & for $10 I can't go wrong!

Ordered this book. excited to read it and will hundred percent blog about this. sexual purity is something I am so passionate about talking about in the open. You can borrow it after me!

God has been teaching me lots of lessons as I've been reading through Jeremiah and John and I'm looking forward to August!

happy July!


Family Vacation

This past week I got to get away with my family for a couple days and hang out just outside of Port Elgin. My older sister and her husband live in Florida but flew up for the week to hang out with us [yay!]  We had a cottage right on the water and wow, the view was breathtaking. 

I have such a hard time relaxing and not working, but these 4 days did wonders! We ate a lot of food, played many rounds of euchre, slept in and even got in some tanning. #winning

So thankful for my family and that everyone's salvation is secured in Jesus Christ. I am most thankful for that. 

enjoy the pics:)

happy weekend friends!

enjoy this amazing weather:)



missionaries from our church are home for a couple weeks and have been sharing what God is doing in their lives and in the lives of the people they are living with in their creative access country.

i thought for a good couple years that this would be me. that i would be coming back to my home church giving reports of all that God is doing overseas. i pictured myself single, living life full of faith and working with the poorest of the poor. its amazing to think what happens when we live surrendered lives to Christ. when we lay down our dreams and let God take over. does my heart sometimes still long for the culture shock and living uncomfortably...sometimes, but God has turned my missions heart not for the people of Africa, but for the people of North America. it's been a beautiful journey so far.

when Jesus gave His final commandment to GO and make disciples [Matt 28:18-20], He was clear that it was to the ends of earth.. yet it wasn't only there. we all weren't called to the ends of the earth but we all are called to go. to get up and make disciples of Jesus Christ. this is our mission field. this is one of our main purposes here on this earth.

but even with my missions heart of mine, i got lazy. we just don't need God in North America. we have our savings and pension plans. we have running water and electricity. if we never bought another piece of clothing again we'd be more than ok.

hearing these missionaries come back and share their stories has been a real encouragement for me and a wake up call. encouraging to hear how big my God is and how he is working in Muslim countries and a wake up call for me not to be so lazy.

people in Africa need Jesus. people in Muslim countries need Jesus. people in Elmira need Jesus.

wherever you are in this season of your life, that is your mission field. don't forget that or get lazy like i have. we have work to do for the glory of God.

so let's GO.

happy monday!



Ontario has been marrying same sex couples since 2001 and Canada as a country became legal in 2005. America made it legal in 2015 across all 50 states.

social media has erupted. 

honestly, i feel some responsiblity to post about homosexuality + the bruce jenner transgender now people trying to be trans race too.

but i'm scared. let me clarify.

i believe the bible. 100%. i believe the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation. and i refuse to let my emotions and feelings determine what i believe- i submit myself under the authority of the bible.

the bible clearly says transgender and homosexuality is wrong and a sin. it is not God's design. God created male and female and He created marriage between a male and a female. no matter what i may or may not feel i believe this because God said. and God is right and soverign. i only recite what God already said. that is worth our time. the moment we don't believe the entire bible and believe some parts of it and not others, we are discrediting the entire word of God. the bible says it is wrong so if i say God messed up on that point, then what if he messed up on salvation or heaven… and i refuse to go there. 

i love people so deeply and don't hate transgender or homosexuals or anyone that belongs to the LGBTQ. i love them and would hang out with them but want to see them saved and following Jesus Christ. i want to see everyone saved and following Jesus because i 100% believe God is the answer.  

think cancer for a second. lets say i have the cure to cancer. yet, i don't want to share it with anyone or see anyone freed from cancer. that would be insane. i believe strongly that God is the answer. God sent Jesus Christ to die for my and your sins so we could love and serve Him for eternity. therefore i would be insane to not share God with you, knowing He brings you freedom. doesn't mean you need to believe. i wouldn't push God on you, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't tell you about it or else i'm the crazy one holding back potential freedom.

so hear me out, i am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of those who believe. 

and i am not scared to post what the bible says on my blog. i am scared that this post will cause hurtful debates and rude comments. so instead i will encourage you to watch this sermon on what the bible says. Jack says it far better than i could and i hope the debate can happen over there.

click here for the link. its starts out with the ruling and then goes into a sermon that is really amazing. fyi: it is long. it took mark and i a good hour to watch but i highly recommend it and think it is well worth your time. hopefully by sending you to the link we won't have this massive debate.. and if people post well i shared my opinion and i know people have theirs too so i'll make Mark answer:) ahha jk. 

he says at the end of his sermon that if you are a Christian in America you will now be labeled as "intolerant and a hater on humans" [even though we are not]. but Hibbs said do not be surprised. it is all over scripture that we as Christians will be hated. 

Matthew 10:22 "you will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved."

i think if you are a Christian this is a wise thing to remember. people aren't suppose to like me/you for the things we believe in. they hated Jesus - so why do we expect to be any different?

hopefully you get a chance to watch this sermon. 

lots of love

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