Ontario has been marrying same sex couples since 2001 and Canada as a country became legal in 2005. America made it legal in 2015 across all 50 states.

social media has erupted. 

honestly, i feel some responsiblity to post about homosexuality + the bruce jenner transgender now people trying to be trans race too.

but i'm scared. let me clarify.

i believe the bible. 100%. i believe the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation. and i refuse to let my emotions and feelings determine what i believe- i submit myself under the authority of the bible.

the bible clearly says transgender and homosexuality is wrong and a sin. it is not God's design. God created male and female and He created marriage between a male and a female. no matter what i may or may not feel i believe this because God said. and God is right and soverign. i only recite what God already said. that is worth our time. the moment we don't believe the entire bible and believe some parts of it and not others, we are discrediting the entire word of God. the bible says it is wrong so if i say God messed up on that point, then what if he messed up on salvation or heaven… and i refuse to go there. 

i love people so deeply and don't hate transgender or homosexuals or anyone that belongs to the LGBTQ. i love them and would hang out with them but want to see them saved and following Jesus Christ. i want to see everyone saved and following Jesus because i 100% believe God is the answer.  

think cancer for a second. lets say i have the cure to cancer. yet, i don't want to share it with anyone or see anyone freed from cancer. that would be insane. i believe strongly that God is the answer. God sent Jesus Christ to die for my and your sins so we could love and serve Him for eternity. therefore i would be insane to not share God with you, knowing He brings you freedom. doesn't mean you need to believe. i wouldn't push God on you, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't tell you about it or else i'm the crazy one holding back potential freedom.

so hear me out, i am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of those who believe. 

and i am not scared to post what the bible says on my blog. i am scared that this post will cause hurtful debates and rude comments. so instead i will encourage you to watch this sermon on what the bible says. Jack says it far better than i could and i hope the debate can happen over there.

click here for the link. its starts out with the ruling and then goes into a sermon that is really amazing. fyi: it is long. it took mark and i a good hour to watch but i highly recommend it and think it is well worth your time. hopefully by sending you to the link we won't have this massive debate.. and if people post well i shared my opinion and i know people have theirs too so i'll make Mark answer:) ahha jk. 

he says at the end of his sermon that if you are a Christian in America you will now be labeled as "intolerant and a hater on humans" [even though we are not]. but Hibbs said do not be surprised. it is all over scripture that we as Christians will be hated. 

Matthew 10:22 "you will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved."

i think if you are a Christian this is a wise thing to remember. people aren't suppose to like me/you for the things we believe in. they hated Jesus - so why do we expect to be any different?

hopefully you get a chance to watch this sermon. 

lots of love


  1. I love everyone, just as God does AND loves like a Father. BUT - Just like ANY and Every Father, there are things He will NOT tolerate. Each one has the choice to choose to honor their Father or not.


  2. thanks so much for your comment Marie and for reading:)

  3. It's true...social media has erupted. You can't log on without seeing it. And yet the truth remains: God is love.

    1. And God would love ALL of his children, not just Christians.

  4. You lost my interest when you compared homosexuality to Cancer. I believe that everyone should have their opinion, however it is unfortunate to be hurtful towards a group of people when God would accept all of his children. It is not "courageous" to sit behind a computer and write a blog, perhaps go and meet people and hear their stories before not supporting their choice to be married. This blog makes me sad.

    1. Thank you Anonymous for your comment! When I wrote the cancer example I meant it in that I believe Jesus is the answer - and I personally believe this (you 100% don't have too) then I would be a bad person for not wanting others have that freedom. Either I'm right or b) I am crazy/mental to believe something so stupid. & if i believe Jesus is the answer then everything Jesus says i believe- which means homosexaulity is wrong. What I wasn't trying to say is that people that live a homosexual lifestyle needs to be freed just like cancer… I am now seeing that my point was unclear and i apologize for that! Hopefully that clears it up a bit.

  5. "i think if you are a Christian this is a wise thing to remember. people aren't suppose to like me/you for the things we believe in. they hated Jesus - so why do we expect to be any different?"

    So true!

    1. something we have to remember but so hard to live out on a daily basis! thanks Chari!

  6. It's time to eliminate the sickness called 'religion'.

  7. sin is just an invented sickness designed to sell you a fake cure--a pill you could swallow whole, using your code of morals as the liquid chaser. The name of that cure is Religion, and along with its imaginary illness, Sin, the duo write the greatest prescription for permission to hate that the world has ever seen.

  8. If your not trying to bring the sinners TO CHRIST than your as bad as they are!! Show them real love or don't bother falsely proclaiming your a "true Christian".

  9. But... I kinda don't believe you. I mean... Its impossible for it to be 100% true, because it makes statements that are simply wrong. There's a lot of subjective stuff, that cannot truly be proved.

    ...But then there's things like where it says rabbits bring up cud. (Lev. 11:6) They do not. But it says they do. So the bible can't be 100% true. I don't know your motivation for claiming its 100% true, but the result is that its hard to take you seriously on your positions.

    I feel like youre being dishonest with me.

  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but until you have a PH.D. in religion please reconsider making such strong statements about a community you say you love yet clearly have a great deal of hate for.
    1. You have no been asked to save anyone nor has anyone asked be save by you.
    2. Please watch the documentary "For the Bible tells me so" for some more background into the book that you live by. It clearly states that the bible should be taken in its current context. For example during the period in which the bible was written they were trying to grow the population. This is why laying with another man, masturbation AND heterosexual sex which was not for the purpose of procreation was considered a sin - this was because it was viewed as "wasting" the male seed. Something else to consider, eating pork and shellfish is a sin in the bible.
    "Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material". - unless you make your own clothes then there's a pretty good chance you DO NOT follow the bible for its literal context.
    Society changes, humans change, animals change, views change.
    3. You speak as though you may believe homosexuality should not be a sin but see it this way because that is how "God" intended it to be. I'm sorry but this is a pretty sad excuse to preach such hate. Really it's none of your business who other people love nor does it affect you in anyway. Nobody is expecting you to be at the pride parade supporting the LGBTQ community - all they are looking for is respect, just as you expect in terms of respecting your religious views.
    4. I'm pretty sure that the Christian religion promotes loving thy neighbour. It doesn't say to change thy neighbour.

  11. Just wondering what your perspective is on legislation regarding marriage. (For example: Health benefits, rights to medical decisions, last will and testament, financial access etc.).

    If two LGBTQ people live in a committed partnership but are denied a marriage license, they are also denied these basic civil liberties.

    What are your suggestions for allowing LGBTQ+ people to access these services, without marriage legislation? As citizens each person is to be seen as equal under the law (meaning everyone has the same access to government based services, such as healthcare etc.). Interested to hear your perspective on how such legislative issues could be improved without marriage equality.

  12. What is your response to people who grow up in the church and come out as LGBTQ+, despite desperate attempts to "not sin".

    What is your response to the recent literature focusing on fraternal birth order and male sexual orientation.

    Do you believe LGBTQ+ orientation is a choice? Or a biology?


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