July: Currently

July has seriously flown by. If I'm totally honest I am freaking out about the summer being half over. Work wise so much was suppose to get done in preparation for the fall… and not a lot of it is done. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was too stressed. I know worrying does nothing yet my brain wouldn't turn off last night. Hopefully August will be more structured and I'll be able to prep more.

Personal side: I had a week vacation!!! yay!! I hadn't taken vacation since last September when Mark and I flew to Florida to visit my sister and her husband. So basically a year of no vacation and a lot of work. Vacation does wonders especially when it is with my family, whom I adore.

here are some other things I've been loving in July:

this online magazine that you can download for free by clicking the link

I registered for Beth Moore's conference here. I am pretty much her groupie. I've listened to her preach since my junior high years and does the Lord ever speak straight through her. If you are a believer and want an unreal weekend, I suggest you sign up!

I bought this fitness workout. Super excited to learn the moves and maybe implement them into my fitness class in the fall.

downloaded this free print this week. 

I love Davids Tea (when I can afford it) and so want to try these recipes

Thinking of buying some of these prints for the youth house or my office. Can't decide which ones - I love them all & for $10 I can't go wrong!

Ordered this book. excited to read it and will hundred percent blog about this. sexual purity is something I am so passionate about talking about in the open. You can borrow it after me!

God has been teaching me lots of lessons as I've been reading through Jeremiah and John and I'm looking forward to August!

happy July!

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