5 Tips to Read Your Bible More

Working in ministry and with students the number one prayer request I receive is "pray that I learn to read my bible more."

We as Christians know that the bible is God's word. It is God - all knowing, all powerful, all sufficient God talking directly to us through the Holy Spirit. People sometimes ask how they hear from God: easy answer: read your bible. It is God speaking to me every time I open up my bible. Every time.

So we know the bible is so important and daily bread for our spiritual life, yet so often (myself included) it is "hard" to pick it up and read it.

Here are five tips that help me read God's word daily.

1. Don't view it as a chore, but as your lifeline

This was huge for me. Often in high school and university I felt that it was a "good Christian" thing to do to read my bible. I knew it was good for me but I viewed it as a chore, something I had to do… not a privilege. The first tip I would suggest is change that thinking. Don't view reading your bible as something you have to do, but realize who is speaking to you during that time. Each time God reveals a part of himself in the bible, people pretty much drop down dead in holy fear (Moses, John etc). God is too holy and too worthy for His word to be a chore. Change your mindset about what the bible is and you'll be more excited to read it, knowing it is a privilege that the creator of the universe would want to speak to His children.

2. Get a bible app

This is more practical but has been super helpful for me. I love my iPhone and love apps on my phone. Before I sleep and when I wake up I normally scroll through my Instagram feed and there goes twenty minutes. I was convicted one morning when I realized that twenty minutes could have been spent reading my bible, not my instagram feed. Having a bible app on my phone, I challenged myself to read a couple verses (under five minutes) before scrolling through my other apps. It's not my main time with the Lord (He deserves more than 5 minutes) but it is a great start and makes my morning so much better to be focused on scripture first thing.

3. Give God the best part of your day

This is why I can't read my bible in the morning. Honestly, mornings are awful for me. I am not a morning person, just ask my sweet husband. It takes me an hour to really wake up and my mind is not focused at that time. I've read so many blogs that encourage me to read my bible first thing and it hasn't worked for me leaving me feeling guilty and discouraged. My advice, give God the best part of your day, whatever that time slot is. You want to be able to focus on His word. For me it's the evening or right before bed with a tea. Don't worry about when you read the bible as long as you read it. This helped me a lot.

4. Follow a reading plan

Accountability, accountability accountability! I work so much better when I have a schedule. It is a lot harder to just pick up your bible and start reading at a random place. If reading your bible is struggle, I strongly suggest you get a reading plan. If you head to the bible reading tab there is a plan (summer is more laid back) but starting in September there will be daily verses that we are reading together. I can email you/text you to keep each other on track. I also love the read through the bible in a year. Bascially I don't care what bible reading plan you use -as long as you are in the word:)

5. Pray before you read

All scripture is God breathed and useful for teaching (2 Tim 3:16). Sometimes it takes work to check the context, when it was written and to whom to make it less confusing. However, please know God wants to be found and known through His word - He isn't a distant God. Praying before always helps me understand the "tougher passages." Just asking the Holy Spirit to reveal what He wants to say to me through His word has helped me tremendously.

What helps you read your bible? Any tips to add? Would love to read about them in the comments!


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