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Happy Friday!

I can hardly wait for Sunday though… vacation time! Yay! I have had a countdown on my phone for months and I just can't wait to sleep in, read my bible on the dock and maybe write some more blog posts!

Confession: I am a workaholic (surprise!) and working from home is a tough balance for me pretty much every day. Most days I just work into the evening because there is always something more you can do for the church. I can't just leave my office for the day and say I'll come back to it tomorrow when my office is my living room. Mark has been challenging me to find a hobby and stick with that in the evenings. After some reflecting and embarrassment that I really don't have a hobby I thought of blogging. Weird, that it came into my mind later but this blog has really seemed like my online journal not something to spend time investing in… not a hobby. However, I love to write. I love reflecting on what God is doing in my life and others. I love the online community I have with bloggers around the world. It definitely is my hobby and I am excited to put some much needed time and energy into this blog.

Will see where this goes. I am making no promises because my life is insane but I hope to make this blog a better space where we can share community over the world wide web. You can check out my new about page here or if you are a new reader click here to get started on some of my favourite blog posts. I hope this vacation time will give me fresh creativity to continue blogging a couple times a week.

Thanks for coming back to this blog. Really, you are the best and I am so thankful for you! I would love to pray for you or just send me a note saying hi. I believe this online community is awesome and want to have more of that on this blog. #goals

& if you like what you are reading I'd love for you to follow by email (to the right) and you'll never miss a post.

thanks for being the best readers, I hope you have an unreal weekend.


  1. Just so you know, I read every post :)


  2. Thanks for reading Victoria:) That means a lot!


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