August: Currently

When looking back at August I hope to remember my incredible vacation and the time I took to be refreshed and actually relax. I had the privilege of spending a week at a cottage up in Muskokas. My parents and sister came up with us for a few days, then Mark and I had a couple days to ourselves and Mark’s parents joined us for the last two days. It has been the best and I even got a tan!!

I know we are just halfway through August but this vacation has done wonders for me. My job isn’t physically tiring like construction or what not but it is spiritually exhausting which was taking a huge toil on me. September marks one year working in full time ministry and goodness it has been a year of growth and a huge wake up call of what staff does at a church. You mean it isn’t just Sunday  morning preacing and making bulletins? Nope. So much more! I’ve learnt that this year but have come away needed a vacation. Needing this vacation.

Time and time again I will type that God’s timing is perfect and it really is. We haven’t had much time off since last September to rest and if I’m totally honest I was feeling burn out. Emotionally and spiritually burnt out. As believers we must not forget that we are in a war; a war on peoples souls and their salvation. Satan has an army fighting against us. Each day, we are still in the battle till we die on earth or Jesus returns. Being ‘on the front lines’ in ministry I got hit hard & maybe didn’t take the time I needed to rest, get Godly eternal perspective and put back on my armour to go out and fight. This vacation allowed me to do that. I am so excited to get back into battle and launch the programs and start an extremely hectic fall season. It is going to be great! I am so excited for what our great God will do this next season. He amazes me every day and I look forward to the Him refining me more into His image even if the process is painful and exposes my sin and prideful heart.

Looking forward to what God has in store for the rest of August. Check back on Wednesday for another post. Happy Monday. I really hope your week will be amazing! 

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