Being Real

You know those generic questionnaires that go around asking what is your biggest pet peeve? Without even thinking I know my answer and it hasn’t changed in years: fake people. I can’t stand fake people.

Our world is fake. Our life on instagram is fake compared to real life. We act a different way so people will like us. We dress differently or put make up on so that guy will notice. So often we tell people we are okay when really we are crying ourselves to sleep. It all can be so fake. I have done all of these examples.

I see it all around me and after being fake for so so long I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I found such freedom at the feet of Jesus knowing that He knows my deepest darkest thought and still adores me. There is freedom in God and that freedom allows one to stop being fake and start being real. When my security and worth is placed in Jesus it gives me freedom to be real.

I have strived to be real in every aspect of my life encouraging others to do the same. I have tried to be transparent to allow others to do the same.

I have strived to be real in my friendships.
I have strived to be real in my workplace.
I have strived to be real in my beauty and weight and insecurities.
I have strived to be real with where I am with the Lord and my prideful heart.
I have strived to be real with dating and love relationships.

But I haven’t been all that real with sexual temptations and sins. Those are known as “taboo” Christian topics that shouldn’t be shared. Yet, I see so many women suffering in silence. So many women asking for help, accountability and just a Godly place to go for advice. I want to strive to be real in this area too. I’ve prayed about this a lot and really sought God’s heart on it. I don’t have all the answers but I know ultimate answer is found in God. He gives freedom and wipes away any sin, sexual or not.

So I’m going to talk about it. I will share some of my story and hopefully have some others share theirs. I want us to be real with each other in every aspect of our lives and have open conversation. Sexual sin is something so many woman struggle with, yet we are too ashamed to talk about it. I’m tired of that being an excuse. So this is my intro post. If you have questions or topics you want covered please send me an email at madeline_hockley@hotmail.com. I’m looking forward to getting real in this area of my life too.

*if you have struggled with sexual sin and want to share your story, or have insight of words of encouragement I would love to have you guest post (anonymously or not). Send me an email and we can start this conversation. Would love to chat with you!

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