Do Something

"Do Something"

This is a phrase I write over all my journals, planners and speak out loud often.

As a perfectionist I get super discouraged when I realize (every day) that I can't fix something, change something or learn something overnight. I often just feel overwhelmed by the problems of this world and the hurt that so many people experience.

For example in a given day I want to invite all the homeless people over for supper and hear their stories, I want the teenage moms with no support to come live with me, I want to love on the girls who are finding their worth from others all praying that they receive Christ and are fully living in His love and calling…. and my list can go on.

Watching the news is so discouraging but I am reminded over and over again that I can't do everything but I can do something. I remind myself to not get bogged down by all the things I can't do but to do something. This is why I write this phrase all over my to do lists and journals. It's God's battle and trust me, He is coming back to redeem this world and restore! My job: do something while I'm on this earth that is pleasing and glorifies God.

If you are getting depressed with your massive to do list or realizing you can't change everything, please be encouraged today to just "do something."

Happy Friday!

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